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Rhythm and dynamism inspire the layout of Stream Office

Kris Lin

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Kris Lin

The project is located in the belly of the Greater Bay Area, which is a new business highland on the west bank of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. As the new cover of Zhuhai city, it has unique geographical location and urban resource advantages. It is located at the intersection of Zhuhai and Macao, and stands on Qianshan Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, overlooking the city scenery of Macao island in the southeast. The office occupies the whole floor of the office building, the visual field can reach to 360 degrees with unique landscape vision and good lighting conditions. The vibrant impression of the city, the rolling mountains, the rhythm of the river and other iconic cultural and natural landscape of the Bay Area are integrated, which become the inspiration of the designer. In modernist architecture design aesthetics, compared with the linear block shape, curved shapes often have the emotional power of flow, tension, fusion and freedom. It gives the different buildings more and more imagination, but at the same time, the modelling and the technical implementation of curve puts forward high requirements on the design and construction. Designer continues to explore the limits of structure and modeling and breaks the vertical composition of space. On the basis of visual aesthetics, the designer has reopened the "new interface" of the city skyline with bold curve elements. In the whole office space, the most eye-catching part is the atrium "roadshow hall", the flow of curved shape aesthetics, making it a iconic symbol of the space. Based on the designer's professionalism with collection lines and block surface modeling, as well as accurate grasp of the technical process, it not only makes use of curves to carry out "flexible segmentation" of spatial function partition, but also reshapes the spatial relationship, and creates a "space sculpture" with visual impact. Dark carpet floor, light wood grain wall, white latex paint surface, form a contrast of light and depth, along with the curve form of ultra-modern elements spiraling up, which brings modern art dialogue under the rendering of starry light source and lamp belt. Under the concept of flexible, mobile and green office, the designer has arranged the space according to the functional requirements of the owner in multiple scenarios in the future. Through organizing space function with clear program hierarchy structure, to meet the requirement of free switch between open and closed space, individual and group activity mode, designer wants to achieve a more scientific, humanized and comfortable office space experience. 1. Open space is adopted in the co-working area. The original enclosed space is "opened" as far as possible, avoiding the use of traditional wall and column partition, creating a broad view, and meeting the flexible, free and flowing office needs of staff. 2.The conference room is on the west side of the reception hall. The space lighting is hidden in the ceiling, and the shape of the line sense highlights modern, energetic and determined international temperament. The pervious glass that is full of contemporary feeling, enclose an independent space, which can adjust diaphaneity flexibly according to functional use requirement. 3. The corridor is like a passage through time and space. Lighting and graceful and smooth geometric modeling has added artistic uniqueness and point to the future. The refining lines, curved space running through the space and exquisite details, are integrated to show the minimalist style keynote with the characteristics of modern architecture. 4. In the coffee area, the dancing curve elements extend from space composition to accessories, furniture and artworks, which are full of unique artistic charm. The design of the MOON sofa is novel and unique, which has great streamline tension. The complex hyperbolic geometry blends ergonomics and aesthetics together in a continuous shape. 5. The small conference room is relatively enclosed with high privacy. Also in the semi-private state of the tea house space, the art on the wall takes the characteristics of water ripples in nature, circulates tenacious temperament, and becomes the vision focus of the space.


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 Kris Lin
 Anda Yang
 Photo by Kris Lin International Design


CNAM obtained a master's degree in architectural management from France. In 2001, (KLID) Kris Lin International Design office was founded in Shanghai, dedicated to the field of architectural interior space design. In 2006, he published a collection of his personal works, "KLID vision 1", and in 2020, he published his second collection "KLID vision II".

Engaged in professional design for 23 years, has been committed to architectural design, interior design and landscape design of continuous research and innovation. Always adhere to the original, KLID all projects are personally design by Kris Lin. In the international major professional design competition has repeatedly achieved good results. By December 2021, KLID has won 1171global awards, including 1004 international awards and 167 domestic awards.


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