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Hidden in time, reliable quality, green and environmental protection

Haochen Su

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Haochen Su

The design continues the living concept of "reliable quality, green and environmental protection", introduces the intervention of natural forms such as light, creates a comfortable and quiet experience in the main tone of gray and light color system, and works together to build a life art museum in line with modern human settlement. In the semantic meaning of poetry, between raising your head is "looking up at the universe"; Stacking mountains and managing water and moving mountains and rivers into buildings are the memory entrusted by history; China's landscape spirit passes through time and space. In the time slice, it realizes the spiritual creation and poetic transcendence, leaving a secluded thought for the moment. Landscape and Millennium dream, a "journey to the mountains" hidden in the real landscape, combined with the thinking and observation of contemporary life, directed a life scene of contemporary oriental aesthetics, showing a unique sense of settlement in the mountains. This is to disassemble the site conditions from the physical perception and hide them in the bamboo forest. Maybe we can let people enter inadvertently. The residential concept of "reliable quality, green environmental protection" introduces the intervention of light and other natural forms, and creates a comfortable and quiet experience in the main tone of gray light color system, so as to jointly create a modern living environment. The unique and exquisitely carved products of woodcarving window pattern are endless, which also makes the whole space more extended and transparent. In the division and transition between regions, the pavilions are elegant and natural. The combination of hidden and visible, the tactful twists and turns of virtual and real space, in the hidden and exposed between the cover, learn from the Chinese ancient garden space techniques, transplant to the architecture and interior design. We integrate the interior and landscape, and extend the architecture to the overall design of the space. To create a poetic and picturesque sense of picture and artistic conception of space, there is painting in poetry and poetry in painting. The layout is regular, which reflects the Lingnan sentiment of China and the artistic conception of pursuing freedom, nature and first intention. Time is flowing, light is shining in the quiet space, like the wind blowing over the water. When we visit the ancient and modern luxury, the wok ear room still shows the quiet and deep calm, like a whisper. With modern materials and design techniques to deduce the space, all kinds of art decorations construct multiple viewpoints in the space. The negotiation area retains the classical form, material, color style, abandons the too complex texture and decoration, simplifies the lines, and still can strongly feel the traditional historical traces and rich cultural heritage. It is a semi open form, so that the meeting is no longer monotonous, integrated into the overall space style, the era of quiet and tranquility, space and light and shadow into one, in this shallow taste, long and go, so that the quiet atmosphere and space elements have a qualitative change. The lingering land and water is the soul of Oriental culture. Surrounded by pools and scattered among them, there are thousands of natural water bodies in the garden, such as lakes, pools, pools, bays, streams, streams, waterfalls, etc.


 Shaoxing City
 1200 mq
 Haochen Su
 Song Ye


Young designer, APDC Asia Pacific Design member, founder and design director of Shanghai Haodi interior design office. Works cover architecture, private house, office, club, etc.
Design is not a simple stack
But the inner feeling and communication
To achieve the "combination of man and nature to the maximum extent"
Give life to space and give life to art.


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