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Discovering the Acqua di Parma rituals space by space

Il Prisma

Interior  /  Completed
Il Prisma

ACQUA DI PARMA Designed by Il Prisma, the new workplace provides environments where the entire brand and product experience unfolds through rituals to be discovered space by space. The workspace features a central courtyard, sitting room and large open spaces available for bookings, alternating flexibly with more confidential meeting rooms and areas designed for individual concentration. From a welcome ritual to the one of passing down the brand’s stories. Followed by interactive tools and a characteristic fragrance table. The design concept for Acqua di Parma’s new home is focused on the beauty ritual as the essence of work, creating an immersive experience of the place to evoke the beauty of Italian lifestyle. An experience with a hint of surprise and joy – like when you unwrap a gift. This is precisely the gesture that inspires the design concept called “Unwrapping the Acqua di Parma rituals”. The welcome ritual greets visitors upon entering the reception and consists of a series of gestures tailored to make them feel at home, while guiding them on a journey to discover the brand and its products – thanks also to the use of interactive tools such as fragrance finder. Other rituals are designed for moments of socialization, collaboration, sharing. Set in the area dedicated to the brand’s most immersive experience, they reveal aspects of corporate culture and workers’ life. The showroom with the distinctive fragrance table—where raw materials turn into a finished and perfect product—is the area in which the brand experience gets more immersive. The ritual’s experience proceeds in a space which feels like strolling amid the city’s store windows. A fluid and dynamic environment recreates the beauty of Italian architectural and urban—but also natural—landscape, thanks to such elements as light, heat, citrus scents characterizing both the design and look-and-feel of the space. The ritual of passing down the brand’s stories translates into a space imagined as a living room for hosting talks and events. Inside, you can taste some lifestyle-related moments, characterized by sunny atmospheres of the Italian veranda. A space that celebrates, on an aesthetic and experiential level, the innate Italian beauty and talks about the link to local roots. The portico and the central square with, in the middle, a large lemon tree—symbol of the brand—become the cornerstone of the entire building. A place where to live the conviviality ritual, which encloses the beauty of being together and exchanging ideas – Acqua di Parma’s true essence. Added value Il Prisma designed workspaces that embrace and celebrate the brand’s unique rituals, generating an immersive experience of the place to evoke the beauty of Italian lifestyle. A social initiative project has been developed with two local realities, a cooperative and a social association, to create a positive impact in the neighborhood. Particular care has been taken over energy saving, with solar panels on the roof supplying most of the electricity used in the building and a recycling strategy during construction site. Location For its new headquarters, Acqua di Parma selects one of the most stimulating and rapidly expanding districts of the city. A lively urban creative hub, which catalyses some of the most dynamic sources of creativity in fashion, design, architecture and communications, within the historically rich setting of the canals–or Navigli–with their pedestrian bridges, the San Cristoforo church and plenty of green space.


 Acqua di Parma
 1250 mq
 Il Prisma
 Sofia Grandi (progettista), Ottavia Pelloni (strategy), Alessandra Reda (Fitout Arredi) , Eugenio Capra (construction manager), Roberto Malberti (project coordinator), Andrea Failla (Constraction manager) Djordje Jokic e Pierluigi di Felice(3D artist)
 Il Prisma
 Tagliaferri (Acustica), Techso (Electrical & Mechanical)
 fornitori: iGuzzini (illuminazione) Quinti, Zilio a&c, De Padova, Frezza (arredi)
 Vito Corvasce


Il Prisma – – is an international architecture and planning firm with Italian origins, designing spaces and experiences for the human being. The company has offices in London, Milan, Rome and Lecce, and is divided in 3 Business Units: Cityscape, Worksphere and Destination.
What is the future of human experience?
The way humans live and the architectures they inhabit have always been our focus of attention. We believe that every change needs adequate space to happen. We act in the area of convergence between people and organizations to design spaces rich with life, work and involvement.
In a nutshell, we design human life.

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