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Bank Negara Indonesia, an inviting space that would be interactive and engage


Interior  /  Completed

Reimaging the bank as a new public and cultural urban space
This project involves the relocation of the Tokyo branch of Indonesia's national bank, Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI). The client was seeking a space that would serve multiple functions -- a bank branch, a social space for investors to gather and share ideas and a showroom to promote the richness and warmth of Indonesian culture and its people. Our approach was to create an inviting space in the city center that would be interactive and engage with the large number of people passing through Tokyo daily, maximizing its appeal to the community. The project's complex requirements included considerations for both traditional Japanese and Indonesian aesthetics, modern Indonesian innovation and the need to impart a feeling of luxurious hospitality while integrating BNI's corporate colors of orange and Tosca green. This led us to apply an unfiltered design approach to capture the essence of the project's uniqueness. The design theme does not combine all these requirements into a single concept. Rather it embodies and sublimates them into a new personality unique to the space and its clients. For the floor plan, the louvered roof across the branch's two key spaces -- the reception area and the meeting rooms -- creates a mirror effect of infinite expanse, delivering a dynamic visual effect that draws the eye inward. It also gives one a sense of Japanese modernity and lightness. Ample space is set aside for public functions, such as showcases, as well as lobby and waiting areas. Passersby can glimpse the staff and clients interacting and enjoy the Indonesian art and movies on display. Once you step into the store, you will be welcomed into a space that harmoniously blends a number of unique elements that only BNI can offer. The usually rigid atmosphere of a bank has been transformed into a comfortable space where everyone can experience the vibrancy of Indonesian culture. While the use of concrete imparts the simplicity and efficiency expected from a bank, white marble gives the distinct impression of luxury. Meanwhile, the traditional corporate colors have been translated into a modern and contemporary expression, with unique Indonesian artifacts placed throughout the space. This multifaceted appearance represents the very spirit of BNI, connecting Indonesia and Japan and reflecting the bank's aim to be a global bank rooted in the local community.


 PT. Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk
 230 mq
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 NIKKEN SPACE DESIGN : Yoshimasa Toyama (Senior Designer), Jingwen Zhou (Designer), Yuiko Suzuki (FF&E) and Koji Takenaka (PM)
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We - NIKKEN SPACE DESIGN - are a large-scale design firm based in Japan without a construction or sales department. Since its establishment in 1994, our designers and creators with their rich individuality have been involved in various projects both in Japan and overseas. Our mission is to be the design partner that embodies the dreams and ideas of our clients, with diverse individual skills and the teamwork arose from their fusion. In addition, we strongly believe that we can accommodate high-level requirements is our strength for both hospitality design where creative sensibility is required and office design with its logical layout. Pursuing the quality of design by fully utilizing sensibility and technology creates added value that offers a new experience. We will continuously be evolving into a "designer's platform", making dreams a reality for our clients in Japan and worldwide.


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