NIKKEN SPACE DESIGN LTD - BALMUDA's store in Aoyama embodies the brand's worldview with a "Museum + Bar" design concept
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BALMUDA's store in Aoyama embodies the brand's worldview with a "Museum + Bar" design concept


Interior  /  Completed

Luxury home appliance brand BALMUDA opens first flagship shop+

BALMUDA is a creative and technological company founded in Tokyo in 2003. Its innovative products with novel ideas set it apart from the competition. Located in Aoyama, Tokyo, home to some of the world's most luxurious global brands, a minimalist two-story concrete building is the site of this first flagship project. With the project, we aim to embody the brand's worldview while exploring a new role for the retail stores, as well as the relationship between the store, its products and its customers. "Museum + Bar" is the design concept. Under the "Museum" concept, the first floor provides a unique experience for customers by allowing them to appreciate modern works of art as if they were at a museum. With striking layers of solid oak, the central display counter acts as the grand stage exhibiting sleek products. It can be divided into several modules to offer a flexible approach in retail display. In addition, the distinctive yet simple white fixture to the side can be easily reconfigured to accommodate various requirements and presentations. The second floor consists of a bar-like space reminiscent of a residential room, which evokes images of the products as they might be used in everyday life. This promotes spontaneous interactions between the guests and the staff, where you can directly "experience" the products while being supported by the experts. A multi-counter with built-in cooking equipment functions not only as an axis for the interactive services but also acts as a unit for workshops and demonstrations with the products being used. At a time when e-commerce has been widely adopted, and the scope of people's activities are restricted amid the "new normal" in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, this space offers guests a unique opportunity to fully appreciate products using all of the five senses in a live and interactive setting. Fair-faced concrete and antique bricks, imported from Belgium, are among the key materials used. Heavily scratched and weathered surfaces create a nostalgic ambiance while emanating strength, in stark contrast to the stylish, smooth appearance of the products. The intention was to express the brand's ideology by creating a space where the products and the area have contrasting relationships yet resonate. This sophisticated environment will immediately transport visitors into an intriguing world that is hard to experience elsewhere. The entire space is highly adaptable and presents opportunities to grow with the brand. BALMUDA will, without doubt, continue to roll out breakthrough products that exceed both imagination and expectations. We hope this flagship store will prove an exciting new meeting place, enticing people to follow suit further.


 300 mq
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 NIKKEN SPACE DESIGN : Yoshihiro Yamamoto (Chief Designer), Satoshi Ohashi (Senior Designr), Shoji Ishijima (Designer), Koji Takenaka (PM) and Megumi Nagai (PM)
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We - NIKKEN SPACE DESIGN - are a large-scale design firm based in Japan without a construction or sales department. Since its establishment in 1994, our designers and creators with their rich individuality have been involved in various projects both in Japan and overseas. Our mission is to be the design partner that embodies the dreams and ideas of our clients, with diverse individual skills and the teamwork arose from their fusion. In addition, we strongly believe that we can accommodate high-level requirements is our strength for both hospitality design where creative sensibility is required and office design with its logical layout. Pursuing the quality of design by fully utilizing sensibility and technology creates added value that offers a new experience. We will continuously be evolving into a "designer's platform", making dreams a reality for our clients in Japan and worldwide.

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