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A cup of iced and refreshing coffee, a bowl of warm pasta, a glass of grape-scented red wine: all in one place


Interior  /  Completed

In the Xin Chou year,no leap month, the rainy season continues. At dusk, the rain stopped, The morning glow has a breeze The small town is more like in Europe, where is uniquely independent of Zhengzhou city. Where we feel life is peaceful, time is faltering. Get into the town, people are hovering for a while, no holding lights, passing by a bright place. Walk in the light, they are no longer felt whether it is outdoor or indoor. Almost half of the building space on the first floor is reserved for the outdoors,you can call it “the grey space”,There is no gate. Neighbors, customers, young people and the elderly can sit there, and homeless people can warm up no matter it is cold or summer. A cup of iced and refreshing coffee,a bowl of warm pasta,they are the will of the entire space. Hemicycle ,so it is it's will! In such a noisy and icy city, Hemicycle hopes to give people warmth and company as much as possible. The whole building has two floors,sitting east to west. The first floor is set back to two-fifths of the whole floor as a gray space, where guests can feel the cold spring and the warm autumn, sunset and rain. Stay with the garden, people can fully feel the natural wind, water and light. The interior is dominated by birch wood, formed a private warm and moist space. Behind the bar count, there are two square windows with crosses, we hope to form a convection with the entrance, and it is also a house that can breathe. The flowing steel staircase makes people unconsciously influx into the gallery space on the second floor from the first floor. This is a complete architecture space composed of coffee, brunch, and gallery. This is a utopia of a small town.Please seat down here, have a cup of mature and flavored coffee, accompanied by black truffles, and chew slowly. At sunset, a glass of grape-scented red wine, there is a charcoal grill to serve you, or if you want a warm Italian crepes. Afterward, the twelfth lunar month is coming, when it is snowing outside, just put a cup of Arabic hot coffee in your hand. All of the feelings that Hemicycle can give. In retrospect,when European first came into contact with coffee, they called such a tempting drink " the Arabic wine". When conservative Catholics cursed coffee as "the drink of the devil", they had never thinking of what they inherited from the "infidels" is so precious. Just like in such a noisy and ruthless city, you came here, whether it's called" the Satan's drink" or "the Jesus' blood", just enjoy it and immerse yourself into it. Life is impermanent, life is so short. Drink with your friends, life will last forever.


 Zhengzhou City, Henan Province
 302 mq
 Mr.Yao ,Louis Hou


Huizong Design And Research Office Chief Architect
Honours Bachelor Degree of BA,
Pace University, New York He Studied Architecture At Parsons School In New York

Louis Hou
Huizong Visual Design Director
Acg Art Lecturer
Bachelor Degree In Industrial Design, South China University Of Technology
Postgraduate, Industrial Design, Coventry University, Uk


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