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HAIHUA YUE XI LI RESORT HOTEL, looking for the finest view


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Haihua is an international urban luxury hotel born on the shores of Hangzhou West Lake at the end of the last century. While the HAIHUA YUE XI LI RESORT HOTEL is intended to be a wild resort hotel in the countryside of a southern Chinese city, completely distinct from the urban hotel. The hotel's design strives to make the most of the natural features of the surrounding hills. The location, which has a beautiful bamboo forest, varied topography, and historic villages, is situated on the shore of the Qian Brook in Pujiang County. The hotel, which is divided by a brook, offers two distinct hospitality options, Qing Luan Ju in the south and Qing Lan Wan in the north, as well as catering to two target demographics. Qing Luan Ju on the south bank is a hotel targeted for the young travellers. The original site is sandwiched between two steep hillsides, and the space is linearly narrow. The layered forms are generally interlaced and blended into an end-to-end S-shape to match the functional capacity and terrain attributes. The terraces of each floor are created using this form-interlace strategy, which also creates a strong connection with the mountain environment. All of the guest rooms have direct views of the stream and mountains, and the premier rooms have private courtyards on the ground level close to the bank of the brook. The lobby and leisure area are located on the top floor, where they also have the finest views and accessibility. Light and views of the hotel's administrative and logistical areas on the lower level as well as the mountain corridors are provided by the arrangement of several sunken courtyards and partially outdoor spaces interspersed amongst the guest rooms. The building slabs integrate into the mountain with the help of the different terrains, and the outdoor terraces between building volumes expand the inside public areas outside so that tourists may take in the local natural surroundings. On the north side of the stream, Qing Lan Wan is a family-friendly vacation destination with separate courtyard housings. With a historic settlement on the west, an existing ceremonial building on the east, and ancient trees on the closed steep hill, the site's surroundings are rustic and natural. A better response to the village texture and hilly terrain is made possible by the architectural option of the courtyard houses, which are comparable in scale and shape to the village buildings. At the summit of the hill, just three clusters of dwellings have been planned in order to preserve the natural growing environment. The majority of the useable wooden structures from the renovation of the ritual buildings on the east bank have been kept, and a viewing restaurant, café and gallery have been constructed in accordance with the functional requirements of the hotel's public areas. The building shape adapts the building openings and circulations to the site circumstances while incorporating new architectural elements while maintaining traditional architectural aspects. Walking through the winding lanes of Qing Lan Wan and climbing onto the roof terraces of the detached courtyards, visitors can experience the rustic life of a mountain village. Qing Lan Wan has created a modern settlement with memories of the countryside. To meet the objectives of sustainability and integration into the mountain environment, a combination of traditional (recycled from blue bricks in the village) and modern (factory prefabricated glass, timber parts, etc.) building materials were used.


 24398 mq
 Meng Fanhao (Chief Architect / Design Principal), Su Kelun, Zhu Xiaojing, Zhang Hanqi, Huang Yukun, Yang Xuejian, Chen Zexin, Shen Rui, Li Changhao, Li Jing (architect)


Founded by Meng Fanhao and Zhu Peidong, line+ is a diversified emerging design firm with international reputation. Currently, it has offices in Hangzhou and Shanghai. "line" is the boundary, based on architectural design, and "+" aims to break through the clear boundaries of traditional industries, take "space empowerment" as the core strategy of research and creation, and respond to the existing problems of urban and rural areas in the current era, so as to realize the value iteration and release of architecture in social, economic, cultural and other fields.


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