Pinearq - New surgical suite in Sant Joan de Déu hospital, a rainbow to accompany the patients' journey
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New surgical suite in Sant Joan de Déu hospital, a rainbow to accompany the patients' journey


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The new surgical suite in Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona, a hospital specialising in paediatric patients, is a project designed by Pinearq with the collaboration of Rai Pinto Studio and Arauna Studio in the design of an environment inspired by the animal world. When creating this surgical block, Pinearq prioritised the wellbeing of patients, accompanying persons and medical staff. We created functional, pleasant spaces adapted to child patients, spaces that would produce safety, tranquillity and reliability. To that end, it was essential to know and understand the needs and wishes of all the people involved. --- More than just a hospital space, the design for this surgical block was determined by an architecture full of natural light and colours that should consolidate and motivate the patients' sense of safety and healing. The challenge was also to reinforce the technological improvements with spatial improvements. To accomplish this, we paid particular attention to the interrelation and the ergonomics of all spaces: The waiting areas were designed as play areas with comfortable areas for companions, and lockers, changing rooms and toilets adapted for family members; windows appeared in operating theatres to take advantage of the views to the outside and natural light, a key element as it improves both the patients' stay and the staff's work. The project occupied a disused area on the third floor of the current hospital building. It consisted in creating a unit with eight paediatric operating theatres with their respective complementary services: Four high-tech operating rooms (foetal, trauma, hybrid neurosurgery with magnetic resonance imaging, and hybrid cardiology with haemodynamic); four standard operating rooms, one of them equipped for gynaecology interventions; and a post-anaesthesia recovery unit and a sterilisation centre. The hospital carried out a co-creation process with medical staff, patients and accompanying persons to contextualise these new spaces. This strategy, called "Patient Experience", took place during the entire development of the surgical suite: Pinearq’s design started from the initial guidelines set by the users, who then examined and discussed the sketches of each space. The final design is the result of this comprehensive co-creation process. An interior design studio and a graphic design studio collaborated in the design of the setting. Inspired by the animal world, as a continuation of the project "The Animal Hideout" which was already implemented in other hospital areas, in this unit the aim was to create an atmosphere to accompany the patients' journey: As they circulate on a stretcher, looking at the ceiling, sets of coloured birds scattered in the corridors' ceiling, from the entrance to the operating theatres. In the areas where patients stop, infographics emerge with vital data on some species of birds. --- The area to be refurbished did not have a specific use, so it did not have specific compartmentalisation or complete facilities. Part of the existing structure was replaced by one with the necessary characteristics, both in strength and geometry (free height and distance between pillars), with sufficient load-bearing capacity to house the surgical block programme. For the execution of the new structure, one of the existing lines of pillars was eliminated and the whole area was reinforced with metal beams. In this way, the area became more flexible both for the new uses and possible future changes. The surgical suite includes the following areas, which complement each other: a) Rainbow Area: Patients' reception and welcoming area, with waiting rooms, lockers and services for accompanying persons. b) Intermediate and Sterile Area: Here are the operating theatres and their support spaces (such as sterile material preparation rooms, storage rooms, smart cabinets, medical offices or report rooms). c) Post-anaesthesia Recovery Unit: Serves the operating theatres with 10 resuscitation boxes. d) Technical Circulation Area: It is part of the waste and dirty material disposal circuit. The technical equipment necessary for the operating theatres to function is also located here, so that maintenance can be carried out from outside the block, without having to enter the sterile areas. e) Central Sterilisation Unit: This section is connected to the other hospital circuits in order to provide a complete service to the operating rooms.


 Ordre dels Germans de Sant Joan de Déu & Hospital de Sant Joan de Déu de Barcelona
 2193 mq
 Albert de Pineda, Roberto Cortés, Carla Romagosa, Jean Craiu, Alexandra Demetriu + Rai Pinto Studio + Arauna Studio
 Villa Reyes
 AMBIANCE: Rai Pinto Studio & Arauna Studio; ENGINEERING: JG Ingenieros; STRUCTURALISTS: BAC Engineering Consultancy Group; QUANTITY SURVEYOR: ENNE Gestión Activa de Proyectos
 Pol Viladoms, Agefred & Roberto Cortés


PINEARQ is an award-winning company offering global services and specializing in the development of complex facilities for the health sciences, with a consolidated team with a history of more than 30 years in practice together, with presence and projects in more than 15 countries in America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Our experience accounts for continued improvements in how we do things, in our capacity to adapt to differing places, and our ability to work with different formulas of cooperation and management.

Pinearq projects are typified by being centred on the creation of humanised high technology spaces. This practice has been the fruit of continued research into new methods and an involvement in various teaching programs.


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