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Lingkang Life Gallery, the traditional style meets the nowadays use


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Lingkang Life Gallery is the community center of the new 34 acre residential/mixed-use development in Lishui City. There is a 3000m creek passing through the site. As serving the residential community, the location identification of the Life Gallery was vital. Site circulation was considered to ensure future residents have easy access to the Gallery, capturing the best view along the long waterfront was the big task. Thus, a drone was used during the early analysis to find the most open view. After finalizing the location, move to the concept design. The design guide of the entire development is traditional Chinese architecture style. It’s elegant, peaceful and close to nature. In addition, the community is major for the senior/retired population. Therefore, the design takes the legacy of classic, to create a sense of ritual and easy accessibility. A story telling sequence starts from the arrival of the main entry. Through the traditional style gate, there is a natural stone wall with featured landscape, presenting a grand welcome. Then you turn left, the view changes to the traditional Chinese Garden centerpiece in front of the lobby. The lobby used a hip-and-gable roof, which has a higher hierarchy and more delicate details than the regular gable roof that is used in other parts of the building. Then walking through the lobby, the Zen courtyard in the middle provides a clean and quiet atmosphere. The reflecting pool occupies the whole courtyard, with decorative stone, a few plantings and fountains organically placed inside. People can walk around it to the next stop or sit under the covered corridor to enjoy the sense of quietness. Next, moving to the third courtyard, the waterfront courtyard. The view changed from focus to great open. The elevated water body with a sunken seating area in center, provides enough buffer from the outside driveway and walkway. It’s an immersive experience in nature, with water surrounded and a mountain view in the distance. About the architectural technique, to make a traditional style to meet the nowadays use. The large span structure used steel beams with wood veneer, which allows large windows to be installed, best inviting nature into the building. Major architectural decor pieces are made from local timber with the consideration of being environmentally friendly. There are three styles of moon gates connecting different program spaces. In addition, there are five more small yards that can be found in the tour path, each with a theme including flower, grass, tree, water and bamboo, also enriching the sequence of experience in the gallery.


 Bluetown Group
 2280 mq
 Jia You, Sa Feng
 Mengyan Yao, Chihao Song, Meizhen Cao, Bohan Li, Yi Chen, Feng Liu, Yiping Ye
 Arch-inbetween Studio


BA is an architectural design company based in Hangzhou, China. It was founded in 2014, currently has more than 120 professional designers and has Class A qualifications for construction in the architectural industry. The design service includes town planning, low-density housing, residential, hotels, education, office, etc.


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