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Crown Land, stepping into a realm of tranquility

Matrix Design (Chengdu)

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Matrix Design (Chengdu)

In particular, the special feature of this case is that its location is connected to the school, which means it can be turned into a library handed over to the school after its sales function is completed to realize the green and sustainable development. Based on the particularity of the site, the design team started from the perspective of a cultural library. It combined with the different functions of the library, art exhibition hall, community life experience hall to realize the integration and multi-purpose of the building. The space takes the Greco-Roman architectural form as the frame of reference. Through the cutting and combination of symmetry, axis, proportion and other methods in the space, it forms a sense of order rich in classical style, creates a sense of ritual of college style, and maintains the unity from the inside to the outside. The exquisite and transparent box is light and delicate from the exterior of the building. After entering the front hall, the large and deep space design conveys the sense of magnificent space, which is connected by rows of columns, orderly and extremely stretched. The warm wood color lays the main tone of the space. The negotiation space appears brighter and clearer under sunshine, making the whole building integrated and comfortable. The negotiation chair with rough texture is with higher delicacy under the sunshine. It echoes with the natural vitality through a few green plants. In order to show the theme of the library, the design team then placed the sculptures of western philosophers which became a very precious cultural asset in the space, and directly introduced spiritual cultivation, leaving more time for people, space, and culture to think deeply. The extensive use of arched structures reveals a fully open gallery on one side. When visitors walk into it and pass through the arched spaces of different spans, their spatial perception is rich and quietly changing to create a highly recognizable space. After the height is processed, it completely breaks the typical configuration space and presents the released spatial energy, thus constructing an urban living room, which can always accommodate all visits, readings, and drinking, regardless of the purpose. Continuing the academic design and application, while removing the complexity and simplifying it instead of showing people with colorful drawings, it uses a green and environmental friendly wooden structure, but it is a more intimate treatment, and it is also an active practice of the concept of sustainable development, which is just right. Step by step, it is like stepping into a realm of tranquility, the space naturally inks more interesting and exploratory, especially between the contrast of light and shadow, and then spreads a layer of artwork that fits the theme of the space, making people one step away. The application of arcs and arches thoroughly connects and connects the functional spaces, and the artistic and ritual coexistence. No matter where you look at it, you can always achieve harmony and unity.


 CR Land Real Estate Co. Ltd
 820 mq
 Wang Guan, Liu Jianhui, Wang Zhaobao
 Matrix Design
 Shi Xiang Wan He


Founded in 2010, Matrix Design is dedicated to providing high-end design services. Leading designers of our team all boast many years of experience in serving renowned domestic property developers, and have established a long-term stable partnership of mutual trust and common development with clients. There is a Chinese old saying, "Nothing can be accomplished excellently without norms or standards". Matrix Design takes it as the core concept of the company. Every Matrix Design staff matters. The company exists and develops because all of our staff have a common mission: "Let design return to the East". There are two meanings of our mission: carrying forward design works of oriental-style, which is what we want to do and good at; and improving the visibility of Chinese designs across the world. Matrix Design is young, and we see China as a large market with great vitality and potential.


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