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Bu Ku is a fantastic energy field of passion and dream


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“庫 (pronounced as “ku”, refer to the “garage” for the purpose of this sentence)”: a semasiography and pictophonetic character. In terms of the structure, in the character “庫”, “車 (pronounced as ‘che’, generally refer to cars or vehicles)” is under “广 (pronounced as ‘guang’, a kind of common part which form different Chinese character; herein, ‘广’ has a similar meaning of ‘house or home’)”. In this regard, “庫” means that there is a car in the house. Therefore, it is most suitable to call the house in which there is a car as “庫 (pronounced as “ku”, refer to the “garage” for the purpose of this sentence)”. This is a private auto collection. The client is senior auto collector who grew up abroad but has returned to China. The low-key and modest task given verbally is “making a better garage”, of which the word “better” has a main focus on the function, e.g. temperature, humidity, lighting and ventilation, etc. Nearly each little boy once owned at least one toy car; and when these boys grow up, they may own cars for “travelling instead of walking”, “flaunting” or as “a symbol of identity”。However, not all boys can “take their dreams and cars as the direction and momentum to make progress”. Hidden behind the old or new body of each car here, there are numerous fantastic stories, which have gone through the long years, pieced up and burst out great and grand energy. This is a fantastic energy field of “passion” and “dream”. The leading role here is neither the cars not the persons, but the tacit understanding and appreciation for each other between them, which have been yearn for being protected all the way. For those who love cars, cars are vigorous and alive forms of life - These people love cars as if they cherish life, which is extremely romantic, fervent and endless;These cars are not just like playthings placed here, But have rests, communicate, change and accompany. They also are life entities with emotion! The entire space is partitioned into two floors: The first floor is a place provided to accommodate those legendary vintage cars which have gone through different hardships and tribulations and had numerous stories. This floor is also provided with the repair room, car washing room and car elevator。 It is begun with the unreserved red, representing the life, blood and freedom…Texture and energy of the life are manifested here, which is the chasing after speed, the embrace of adventure, and also the desire to communication。 Horse is the spiritual totem in this world of life,It is raising hooves and running at full speed, symbolizing the earliest desire of human for the speed and distant place;Keep pace with the modern supercars travelling as quick as a flash; To jointly create a collision field for history/future, wildness/civilization and organic/inorganic substances to flow and run across freely. The second floor highlights the social communication for interactions and dialogues to create the resonance between human and cars and between human and human. A string of figures recorded on the ceiling is the fastest lap time of Schumacher in Shanghai F1 Circuit in 2004. The loud whistling created when the cars on the competition circuit sped along and the touching blast appear in mind again amidst the lamp light time and time again。 Get yourself into the bright yellow box to simulate the automobile circuit, As if you were hidden under the covers and played games at the childhood to compete for speed with time and arm yourself。Enable yourself to be strong enough to conquer the world and have high morale. Blue is the color of time, which is rational and memorable,Past and present, intimacy and sharing。 The stay at this moment is becoming an eternal to be meaningful and lingering… Is it on earth that human created cars, or cars accomplish human? Before meeting human, the car is just a pile of cold parts and components; From the moment when human touched car on, the powerful and great Genesis energy activates and enables both human and car. Under the effect like quantum entanglement, they endow each other with more complete life and forces.


 3000 mq


Li Nan graduated from Chelsea College University of the Arts London majoring in "Interior and Space Design" and getting a master's degree. She is a Senior Interior Designer of China Interior Decoration Association (CIDA) .
Years of overseas study and work experience have enabled different schools and styles of design concepts to integrate and sublimate in she’s pursuit of art and excellence. Advanced design concepts and geometric aesthetics in the West and refined Confucian and elegant culture in the East are integrated and mutually complementary, so that tradition and innovation, science and aesthetics, fashion and the eternal achieved perfect ommunication, bursting out excellent ideas and fulfilling customers' entrustment. The most reasonable and scientific scheme are presented to the customers through the collision of ideas and repeated deliberations, so that each project is the desired, and the distinguished customers can enjoy the frontier design around the world.


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