Carlo Berarducci Architecture - San Gemini House of Water, a villa with a waterfall
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San Gemini House of Water, a villa with a waterfall

Carlo Berarducci Architecture

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Carlo Berarducci Architecture

The project for an holiday villa in the countryside close to the medieval city of San Gemini, famous for its well known natural mineral waters, is conceived with the purpose to join the maximum panorama of the valley ensuring at the same time privacy from the neighbors, and is characterized by the presence of water crossing through a water mirror to a cantilevered pool ending with a waterfall over the valley. Two simple rectangular volumes placed orthogonally with each other contains all the spaces of the house within two levels. Taking advantage of the orography of the land, a third level is completely hidden from view from the upper side of the area and appears above the ground towards the valley containing the master bedroom. The first single-level volume is disposed parallel to the municipal road according to the longitudinal axis of the land from east to west, and it is mainly closed containing all the service areas and the garage on the upper side. The main floor is though as a completely open space overlooking the valley under the shadow of the strongly projecting concrete slab of the first floor, that appear to be levitating from the ground without supports while giving a sense of place and warmness within its interiority. The upper level contains an independent guest apartment with two bedrooms and a living room overlooking the valley and hidden from the view behind the long closed façade covered with corten iron sheet. Following the slope of the land, the first volume is completely underground in the upper part of the land while descending towards the valley it emerges from the ground and is configured as an embankment or a fence providing a visual and sound barrier towards the surrounding neighbourhood and the public road, to the flatter and most usable part of the area behind it. The second volume develops in an orthogonal direction to the first one disposed longitudinally towards the valley and the panorama, located on the edge of the escarpment that divides the land between the upper part and the lower part of the area where the panorama of the valley opens below you. The project is set according to simple and rigorous volumes and structural composition following at the same time a principle of integration and respect for the places and of minimal environmental impact in its orographies. The design setting has set itself the goal of the minimum possible impact of its volumes that rise from the ground no more than 6.5 meters, with the aim of engrave the least possible on the morphology of the land which is kept substantially unchanged. The project foresees the conservation and enhancement of existing trees and the integration and planting of new native plants, in the respect to the countryside contest.


 San Gemini
 1000 mq
 Carlo Berarducci Architecture
 Carlo Berarducci, Rossella Lanari, Armando Giordano. marco Folchi
 Ing Sarti, Sarti Engieering


CARLO BERARDUCCI ARHITECTURE is an awarded architectural firm based in Rome working worldwide. The studio design deals with a wide range of project fields and scales, providing architectural services from the architecture and urban scale to the interior and furniture design, in the field of residential, hospitality, offices, commercial, and others always looking for the simplest and clearest shape configuration, the more open and fluid spatial organization, with a sensual touch of materials to build environments where people could feel comfortable and inspired.


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