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e house, a huge telescope built of concrete


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E house appears like a huge telescope that is just as much architecture as it is sculpture and rock. Thought for a family composed by three people, it is built entirely of concrete in which ground local stone was used as an aggregate. Its surfaces are in some parts bush-hammered and in others entirely smooth. Despite its stark exterior, e house seeks to dialogue with the local rock. In order to reproduce the suggestion of a telescope, the building appears as a daringly cantilevered sculpture and becomes an integral part of the landscape out of which it emerged. This is due to no small existent to the fact that the building is exactly the same colour as the rock immediately behind it. For this reason, the house is made by concrete inside and outside as well. Rough and finished concrete establishes a relationship of assonance with the surrounding rocky landscape. E house looks like monolith carved into rock. Wide windows reflect the surrounding landscape. The base is embedded in the ground, integrates itself and determines the direction of the cantilever. Supported by a V-shaped column with a long overhang towards the lake and the valley. An infinity pool leaps towards the lake joining the water of the lake and the water of the pool, merging boundaries between built environment and natural one. The design concerns the strong relationship between outside and inside: an absorption of nature and view relationships. In order to generate an equilibrium with the site, new relationships to the surrounding rocky landscape are created through the material concrete. The different surfaces, the bush-hammered and the smooth concrete, alternate in a kind of material play. The bush-hammered concrete with its coarseness reminds of the rock, part of the area, while the smooth exposed concrete forms a strong contrast to it. In contrast, the lightness of the railing with its curved, sloping lines interrupts the horizontality of the building and creates a new interplay of forms. The concrete used is a waterproof concrete and composes the wall-thickness together with cellular glass insulation on the inside. On the basement floor are the sleeping quarters, a bathroom and a terrace providing access to the swimming pool. In the front part of the basement there is a technical room, a cellar and a garage (accessory building). On the upper floor are the living room, the kitchen, a bathroom and a third bedroom.


 157 mq
 alessandro battistella, claudio triassi
 gustav willeit


bergmeisterwolf, based in Brixen and Rosenheim came into being after Gerd Bergmeister met Michaela Wolf. Over the years, bergmeisterwolf has won numerous awards and nominations including a nomination for the 2022 EU Mies Award and the Premio Architetto Italiano in 2019. More recent wins include the Best Architects award in 2022, in 2020 as a Gold Award, in 2018 and 2016; three Architettura Città di Oderzo awards in 2020, 2016 and 2013 and many others. Bergmeisterwolf has participated in several national and international conferences and juries, and has taken part in numerous exhibitions, inter alia the recent Architettura Alto Adige, held in Naples in 2020; the Biennale di Architettura di Pisa, in 2019; the Italian Pavilion of the 13th Venice Architecture Biennale in 2012. In 2020, a solo exhibition of bergmeisterwolf’s oeuvre was presented at the Spazio Solido gallery in Treviso; in 2018 its work was shown in a solo exhibition entitled Dislocazione, at the Galleria Prisma in Bolzano.


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