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A place where to feel the joy of sports after work


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The project is located in chengdu, the core city of western China, in the digital industry base. There are commercial office areas all around. We hope people can feel the joy of sports and the comfortable pace of life in Chengdu after work. The project is located in a square of the industrial base, the site is flat and wide. Exercise is the most deficient exercise in reinforced concrete. So the wisdom movement became the theme of the project. Site as wisdom sports venues, synergy "movement show + wisdom facilities implanted + operations support" three major parts, through the coordination of the color, the design of advanced and rich intelligent sports equipment to build cool fashion sense of movement motion space of the scene and comfort and interest, pay attention to the sustainable regeneration of ecological, environmental protection materials and native plants, Create exclusive venues for sports and create new scenes of urban vitality. The project is located in Chengdu Bailuwan Economic Headquarters Base, which gathers the most advanced intelligent industry r&d and operation in western China. Our client hopes to bring different working experience to people working in the base through our renovation of the site. Before the intervention of the design team, the daily working life of the people working here was in the headquarters base, where there was no place for exercise, and there was no happy working atmosphere. Whenever working overtime late at night, looking at the dark night outside the base, I could not help feeling frustrated. So this is a site that aspires to be interactive, intelligent, inspired by art and sports, and this smart Sports show tries to create an urban public sports space that meets the physical and psychological needs of the people working on the site. The whole project is divided into two parts, square Smart Parkour and commercial sports area. The square covers an area of about 2600 square meters, and is composed of a circular runway. Inside the runway, it is composed of two curved LED interactive touch running walls with a length of 88m and a height of 2.4m. In the starting point is a intelligent motion bracelet lease equipment, activists by mobile phone code lease wisdom sports bracelet, the bracelet will record campaigner pace, heart rate and other data, and simulation of the activists movement posture, based on the medial surface run interactive touch the wall LED display data, and by activists movement, running in the wall will simulate the running of the activists, Follow the athletes "forward". In this way, even if a person exercise, also no longer lonely. Another section is the business Box area, where spinning and smart rock climbing are featured, as well as 14 business boxes. People use their phones to scan a QR code to select the type of exercise they wish to do at the venue. According to the voice prompt of the APP, the sports equipment in the venue starts to lead exercisers to warm up training, and monitors the order, times, movements, amplitude, speed and posture of citizens' exercise in a variety of different modes, and gives real-time voice feedback to users. The global ranking of all projects is regularly updated through special programming and network big data center, making people more entertaining and competitive for sports. For each sport, people interact with nature in different patterns. The energy generated during people's movement will pull the sports equipment, turn the energy into kinetic energy, and trigger the interaction of the surrounding natural environment. People can link several sports equipment in the venue to open the racing mode, while exercising, and have wonderful interaction with nature. The commercial box next to the park also becomes a good place for people to relax. In the sunny afternoon, they can make an appointment with friends for tea, so that the work is no longer bound by the environment.


 2600 mq
 Qian Yang
 Yunfei Guo;Zhuojun Wei;Wenjie Wang;Tingting Wang;Shaofeng Zhang;Yao Xie


SecondNature is a landscape design company from China. The company integrates digital technology with landscape design to create dynamic sites with a more modern and ecological feel.


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