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A life house based on Zen and Sinology philosophy in the form of yard layout

Shanghai PTArchitects

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Shanghai PTArchitects

The project is located along the Wenchang Road, Yangzhou City. As a state-list prominent historical and cultural city, Yangzhou boasts the footprints of literary men of past dynasties in its lanes and alleys, endowing this poetic city in the north of the Yangtze River with unique charm. Wenchang Road is a time honored high street connecting ancient times and the present, so you can see many historical sites of all periods along the way. As the "artery" crossing the east-west of Yangzhou, it carries heavy traffic. In addition to inheriting the humanistic temperament of Yangzhou, Wenchang Image also draws rich design elements of Chinese gardens to interpret the secluded and luxurious living in a modern city. The overall design fully demonstrates the cultural deposits and city spirit of Yangzhou. Specifically, it segments and recombines the architecture by applying elegant composition proportion to shape a life house with Zen and Sinology philosophy in the form of yard layout. The different peripheral landscapes are exclusively developed for the walking experience. From the natural green belts to the future life scenes, such transition reaches harmony between the city and the ecology. Wenchang Image is favorably zoned along the street-side at the southeast corner of the community. So, it enjoys convenient driving traffic as it is close to the provincial highway. Thus, it can gather population and enhance space communication to facilitate the later commercial transformation and use. There is a 40m wide native green belt on the south side of the complex. To create a super-sized open pocket park at the corner of the street, the designers draw back the architecture to give more land to the pocket park. The landscape design follows the style of ancient ink wash paintings to create an elegant environment for pedestrians and visitors. The designers integrate the ancient style into the scene design of the building to develop six landscapes with themes of "elegance", "quiet", "plain", "seclusion", "Zen", and "simpleness", allowing you to play the ancient instrument, admire flowers, appreciate artificial hills, play chess, taste tea, or chant ancient poems. A "water yard" with a mirror pool connects each building block. The building has a single sloped roof being inclined inward to form a stretched shape with a zen mood so that visitors have a feeling of "escaping the mundane life". The layout of the yard determines the freedom and liveliness of the space. The art space of the reception hall is bounded by the grilles, which have great visual tension and aesthetic thickness to inspire the emotional resonance of visitors. Relying on the culture, the designers create an art corridor available for watching, appreciating, and thinking, and abandon the pure commercial routes of traditional sales office to link the whole route with the mind-orient relaxation and pleasure. The decorative wall sitting at the entrance is made of artificial cultural stones with the primitive natural charm of natural culture stones, outlining the top with metal wires. The whole wall shows a simple but exquisite style. The floating metal slab above the main entrance is extended to a large extent, echoing the color of the cultural stones as integrity. The combination of cultural stones and the floating metal slab breeds the characters of the sinology life hall. The simple and symmetrical entrance highlights the calm while the elegant and exquisite facade attracts you to come in. The major materials mainly adopt elegant champagne aluminum sheets supplemented by the ultra-white glass, which adds a touch of warm color to the living hall. The complex adopts high-grade stones with gray-white wood grains. Each stone has a different texture, featuring by the natural texture of wood grain and the delicate stone texture. The simple and harmonious color matching of the facade manifests the pure beauty of the building.


 1983 mq
 Hu Qiao, Li Lin
 Wang Xingming, Huang Yubo, Guan Dandan, Zhou Zongrong, Yu Baipeng, Miao Chenguang, Lin Yinjie, Wu Xinyang, Wang Ruiheng, Deng Pengfei


Founded in 2003, Shanghai PTArchitects strives to provide our clients with comprehensive and creative design solutions with the philosophy of "design for people, architecture for life" and the logic of exploring local culture, natural environment and the spirit of the time, creating spaces where the inhabitants live in harmony with the architecture.

With more than a decade of growth, Shanghai PTArchitects has set up 10 offices in mainland China. The team consists of over a thousand renowned architects and engineers and designers. Its practice includes the development of housing industry, commercial hotels, urban renewal, industrial planning, tourist and resort projects, recreation industry, landscape and interior design and other fields. The company has constantly dedicated itself to the development of projects and innovative solutions in China’s design industry.


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