One Works - A sustainable workplace in Rome, designed to achieve LEED Gold certification
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A sustainable workplace in Rome, designed to achieve LEED Gold certification

One Works

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One Works

Extensive retrofit and refurbishment of two 1960’s buildings office buildings in Rome. A palette of high-quality, crafted , and natural materials work with the existing structure to create a coherent and sustainable working environment. Located at the beginning of Via Cristoforo Colombo, the new office campus sits alongside the main tertiary-directional road connecting the historic center of Rome and the EUR district. Originally built in the early 1960s, the buildings previously provided low-grade workspaces for the neighboring industrial sites. Designed to achieve LEED Gold certification, the refurbishment will create a single office campus by providing greater connectivity and circulation between the two buildings; creating a new welcoming lobby for employees and guests; improving the building's facades with a more contemporary feel; creating new social spaces on the roof and at ground level; as well as improving the surrounding landscaping to strengthen links with adjacent sites and infrastructure.

Carefully considered materiality
A palette of carefully considered, textural, and natural materials were selected to compliment the local area. This includes the use of vertical planting solutions and a custom iridescent ceramic cladding system designed with a 3D geometry and semi-reflective surface that improves the buildings performance during certain times of the year. Given the client's mandate for a sustainable future, we approached the project with a deep retrofit of the existing structure, as opposed to demolition and reconstruction. This sustainable approach was a key factor in the choice of materials with low environmental impact, exploring the energy requalification of the building envelopes, as well as the integration of new green spaces and green elements to the building facade that worked with the changing seasons.

Building Performance
Much time was spent improving the design of the buildings envelope, rather than just relying on MEP solutions, to help optimize performance and improve user comfort throughout the campus. This was achieved through a series of extensive studies relating to climatic factors, energy modeling and evaluating indoor daylight to create the most efficient combination of shading, characteristics of envelope materials, and planting solutions throughout. At ground level, new high-quality cycling facilities, including changing rooms and bicycle storage, will be introduced to encourage employees and future tenants to take more sustainable transport options when commuting to the office. Works will also include drastic improvements to the existing car parking facilities to help reduce CO2 levels and improve overall air quality.


 Quinta Capital SGR S.p.A.
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 One Works
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One Works è una società globale di architettura e ingegneria che opera con un approccio integrato di consulenza e progettazione, nei settori delle infrastrutture di trasporto, del Masterplanning, del Real Estate Commerciale e Public and Private Buildings, per dare forma ai progetti più complessi. L’importante esperienza nella pianificazione e progettazione di luoghi affollati, che ospitano milioni di persone ogni anno, come aeroporti, retail, edifici e spazi pubblici consente a One Works di cogliere le complesse relazioni fra lo sviluppo urbano e i luoghi di grande concentrazione e scambio, tenendo al centro l’esperienza delle persone.
Fondata nel 2007, One Works è cresciuta esponenzialmente mettendo al centro delle proprie collaborazioni multidisciplinari un design di alta qualità.
Lavora da diverse posizioni strategiche in tutto il mondo, con la sua sede centrale a Milano, e uffici a Venezia, Roma, Dubai, Londra, Singapore, Bangkok e Chennai.


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