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The Rubrum Winery enhances the fluidity between the architecture and the existing surroundings

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Nestled in the countryside of Seferihisar, the Rubrum Winery combines the region's long-standing wine tradition with a contemporary design in constant dialogue with the surrounding environment. The context occurs together with a field of rich soil conditions to grow vines and feed its habitat with a perfect climate. The green hills flowing between each other, surrounded by olive trees, and the vineyards that have given life to Teos wines for years almost shape the geomorphology. In addition, the place exists where the green interacts with the sky, vastly gets exposed to the powerful Aegean sun, and gently welcomes the visitors as it does to the grapes. The vineyard enjoys a mountain view while the landscape leads to a broad and sequential connection of the surrounding nature, light, sound, and air. Centenary olive trees and fruit trees, together with the pool platform, serve as a link between the architecture and nature. Our conceptual approach progressed simultaneously with our desire to create an experience for visitors wishing to understand and appreciate the wine they consume at this location. The Rubrum Winery also gives access to the acts of harvesting grapes, maturing, and bottling the wine. It also includes a shop, a tasting room, and a private dining area for the guests. By creating a dynamic interplay of light, shadow, reflection, and repetition, the architecture becomes an expression of slipping through the valley. The elegant and refined reflection of the landscape in which the vines grow is achieved by planning reflecting pools and making the mirroring effect complement our surroundings. The structure surprises its users with a different perception at almost every hour of the day, the static state of everything flows softly towards nature and stops in 'that moment'. So the house and the landscape unite; we feel the breeze drift in the middle of the space. The reflection pool, which forms a large surface, plays an active role in bringing the unique sky movements and the green with many tones into the house and offers a unique experience to the user. A simple volume simultaneously enhances the fluidity between the architecture and the existing surroundings. When the glass sliding doors open at the edges of the semi-open areas, the boundaries between inside and outside, disappear completely. The winery allows its users to be both rural and remote in the larger world and urban at the same time.


 1.830 mq
 Kemal Serkan Demir, Ece Türkel
 Kemal Serkan Demir, Ece Türkel, Lara Uyal, Murat Kumbaracı, Can Sözeri, Şeval Özakça, Zülal Coşan, Gizem Güleryüz
 Office Istanbul Architects


Office Istanbul was founded in 2011 by Kemal Serkan Demir and Ece Türkel.
Office Istanbul strives to make a significant contribution to the discipline of architecture, to continue developing our qualities with respect to design, technology, knowledge and management. Office Istanbul intends to create research based architecture with a wide range of projects including all kind of design, from the scale of a lighting fixture to urban under the mission of ''The Timeless Design Quality''.



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