Yunchao Xu/Atelier Apeiron/SZAD - Gree Global Center: a low-carbon ecological innovation space
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Gree Global Center: a low-carbon ecological innovation space

Yunchao Xu/Atelier Apeiron/SZAD

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Yunchao Xu/Atelier Apeiron/SZAD

Gree Electric Appliances, Inc. is a world-class leader in China's smart manufacturing industry. This 200-meter-high global center will be completed in 2023, which can accommodate the group's major sectors covering the entire industrial chain and become a low-carbon ecological innovation space. Tree Tower The surrounding buildings are dense and the land is long and narrow. The height of the building is limited, and there are many vertical tall buildings around. The traditional mid-tube tower can neither meet the needs of highly-positioned companies for multiple displays, nor can it achieve the openness of urban public spaces. We use a modular space system to decompose the vertical tower into 9 modules and shape the main body of the building with a tree structure. Facing the marine park on the north side and the high-rise buildings on the south side, the shape of the building gradually retreats, thereby releasing more open top space and landscape views. Void Core The center of the building adopts a transparent shared high and large space, and 9 space modules are arranged around the central shared three-dimensional hollow core, forming a breathing cross-sectional relationship. While realizing space diversification, it creates a three-dimensional aerial living room for the city and creates a vertical talent community. On the one hand, it provides staff with sharing functions such as communication, leisure, training, preaching, and catering. At the same time, it is also an ecological garden, which attracts the public in the city to visit, learn and consume with an open and welcoming attitude. Bay Window The whole building combines Gree Electric's advanced manufacturing technology and products. The interior of the building is dominated by the central exhibition hall, and the customized three-dimensional complex of various spaces provides a new platform and new space for the diversified development of Carbon neutral industry. The exterior skin of the building uses Gree Electric’s patented photovoltaic power generation curtain wall to achieve a zero-power energy-saving air-conditioning system and create an industrial highland that leads energy innovation. Sustainability 85% of the components of the entire building including steel structure frame, floor slabs, curtain walls and most furniture are prefabricated in the factory and assembled on site to minimize the impact of construction on the surrounding environment. The building uses local natural geothermal heat in winter to reduce carbon emissions. 70% of the building skin is composed of coated LewE Glass panels, which is a nanotechnology with self-cleaning surface coating. It can maintain high cleanliness for a long time in the sandstorm and air pollution environment in northern China, without the need Consume water for cleaning.


 Gree Electric Appliances, Inc.
 75400 mq
 Yunchao Xu
 Jiachuan Qi, Hongrui Liu, Kan Gao, Jianxuan Chen, Shengjie Zhang


ATELIER APEIRON was founded by Yunchao Xu in Shenzhen of China, which is a creative and adventurous team of researchers, explorers and architects across different disciplines to practice urban design, landscape design, architectural design, and interior design. We use the ancient word APEIRON as our design philosophy and methodology, which leads us to the endless thinking, research and practice towards the origin of architecture. We take each project as an adventure on social operation rules, a re-link to the nature, and a reveal to the human life. We have accomplished a series of beautiful and innovative works in many cities of China, and all of them are running well, profoundly impacting and improving everyday life on the site. We think about our role and what we leave behind. With our feet on the ground and an open view to a sustainable future.


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