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Community Center + CESFAM Matta Sur

luis vidal + arquitectos

Mixed Use  /  Completed
luis vidal + arquitectos

THE MATTA SUR COMPLEX (Community Center + CESFAM Matta Sur) The city that takes good care of its cultural heritage is the city that listens to its past without neglecting its future. This delicate balance between memory and contemporaneity is what a perdurable architecture, committed to contribute to the society, provides. Those are the cornerstones for the Matta Sur Complex. And this is luis vidal + architects´approach to what a responsible design means: A contribution to the social dialogue with an environmental commitment. The result is an unprecedented building refurbishment that gives back to the city of Santiago de Chile one of its most iconic constructions. Past, present and future merge in a building that combines modernity with tradition, technology with sustainability, innovation with respect for the city’s heritage. The Matta Sur Complex consists of two buildings located within the same plot: the former Metropolitan Lyceum of Santiago, built in 1891, and restored to host social uses such as a nursery school, a gym or an auditorium; and a new-build construction which will accommodate a CESFAM (a Public Primary Healthcare Center). Both buildings have a total built area of 5,500 m2 that will give support to a community of more than 30,000 users. Along with these buildings and articulating them, there’s the public plaza, located in the center of the plot, that provides the community with an open space to promote social encounters, thus becoming the heart of the project. luis vidal + architects accepted the challenge of, on the one hand, restoring this historic building, and on the other, designing a new-build construction that integrates harmoniously into the whole. Therefore, our new interventions aim to translate the most singular elements of the preexisting building, but using a contemporary, austere language that does not compete with the historic building style but enhances it. A careful analysis of the preexisting building, combined with a delicate and conscious design that involves materiliality, spatiality, functionality, rhythm, sustainability, façade studies and light are the key aspects of the proposal. As a result, luis vidal + architects achieves its goal: to retrieve and reveal the building´s original architectural and aesthetic value, while establishing a dialogue between the historic building and the new. The Community Center + CESFAM Matta Sur sought to recover the “Liceo Metropolitano de Adultos" of Santiago, a community college building, damaged in the 1985 and 2010 earthquakes. It's now protected as heritage at local level (historic preservation) due to the great interest of its architecture. The refurbishment of the former “Liceo” is of utmost importance for the neighborhood identity, as it values its history and people. It's part of a larger proposal for the health and wellbeing complex, which also includes a newly built annex on the same plot (the CESFAM). The result is an alliance between heritage and contemporary architecture. Both buildings have the same purpose: to reclaim the reactivation of heritage through the creation of a Mixed Use Building: a Primary Healthcare Centre (CESFAM) and a Community Centre on the same premises. Community is the focal point of the project. We aimed to include all groups, promote participation, stimulate creativity and innovation and, most importantly, reinforce the neighbors’ sense of identity and belonging. The CESFAM building proposal is part of the urban development plan for the improvement of communal infrastructure, renewal of the area and rehabilitation of cultural heritage. The project seeks to reactivate the historic heritage site by opening it to the community, and giving it new uses, based around health improvement. The Matta Sur Complex results from the alliance of community management and health management, using comprehensive strategies for the community health promotion and prevention, aiming to make an impact on the quality of life of the population. The need for spaces for artistic development was recognized from the beginning and the programmatic solution includes: recording studio for young people and their bands; multifunctional open spaces; classrooms; nursery; spaces for teaching and promoting self-care through yoga, tai chi, dance, pilates; alternative medicine workshops; areas for comprehensive health programs, nutrition, beauty and wellness workshops, as well as spaces for gathering around cultural and social activities. This new complex will become a part of a larger urban area of great historical value for the neighborhood and its culture, and it will undoubtedly invigorate and enhance social relations and citizen participation.


 Ilustre Municipalidad de Santiago
 5500 mq
 luis vidal + architects
 David Ávila – Joao Abreu - Bernat Burguera - Valentina Chisci - José Ignacio Comparini - Sebastián Cruz - Marta Cumellas - Juan Francisco Letelier - Arturo López-Bachiller - Carlos Maldonado – Concha Millán - Enrique Pérez - Patricia Plath - Raúl Rosado – Santiago Sánchez - Paola Seguel - Encarnación Serna - Óscar Torrejón - Italo Veas - Luis Vidal
 José María Jiménez (Historic Building Consultor) . Schaad Ingenieros - Cristian Schaad (Structural Engineering). COBE Ingenieros – Pablo Oyola Lepe (Mechanical and Sanitation Engineering). Estudio de Paisaje Arbolaria – Daniela Fuentealba y Paula Rodríguez-Peña (Landscape Consultors). One Geotecnia – Omar Núñez (Foundation Engineering)
 © luis vidal + architects, Aryeh Kornfeld.


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