Keng-Fu Lo - Afterglow combines privacy and convenience under Art-deco influences
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Afterglow combines privacy and convenience under Art-deco influences

Keng-Fu Lo

Interior  /  Completed
Keng-Fu Lo

It’s a three-generation residential space, located in Nung 16 Park surrounded by greenery. There is a beautiful visual scale with the surrounding environment of high-rise buildings. It is an elegant living space that combines privacy and convenience. Only under architectural style conditions of Art-deco, the light transmittance of glass is an issue that interior design must overcome.The interior design spaces are designed with all daylight in mind and to preserve as much of it as possible. The living space offers a panoramic survey of urban and the natural. The interior adopts earth tones which use low reflective material, for example smoked treated veneer was used which increases the color rendering and permanence of the material. Other than that, honed board and other metallic materials were used. It is to take into account the luminescence of natural light in space. They offer a natural light in the minimalist natural space. Maximization of public spaces activates the interactivity of the area, filling it with warmth and joy. The space carefully configures the artificial light source in the behavioral expanse, and expects the natural light and the artificial light source to produce light infiltration. The change of time helps create a beautiful life experience for everyone involved. A binary space was created for the elder generation, this considers the independence and respect for the caregiver and the elderly. An accessible bathroom with abundant natural light makes the elderly feel the friendliness of the environment. Taking into account the nature of the owner's work, the master bedroom is placed in a separate study space to reduce the possibility of disturbing each other's sleep. The male and female secondary bedrooms are fully communicated in the decoration vocabulary and the treatment of colors, expressing the occupants' preferences for the space. Whole room decoration is focused on interpreting life, entertainment and leisure. Efficient use of space in the bathroom creates an impression of grandeur and size. The bathroom maintains good ventilation and lighting, and implements the enjoyment of bathing life. The U-shaped glass cubicle's worship area and living room and large-scale floor-to-ceiling balcony form the main axis of public space, accompanied by the Nakajima bar and dining area intertwined into a beautiful leisure life field. We focus on the needed of the client , for public and private spaces filled with the passage of time and the change of nature light and shadow due to the application of semi-penetrating and low-reflective materials, allowing my client to enjoy happiness and joy in their simple lives.


 Kaohsiung City
 544 mq
 Keng-Fu Lo
 Keng-Fu Lo


In 1996, he established Chain10 with the purpose of combining cutting-edge design and research. The firm operates in every sector of design, with each project encompassing climate-focused and sustainable principles and design that integrate internal and external spaces to create harmonious settings. He believes it is important to build connections between people and the environment and strives for consistency in his designs, from architecture to the interiors. Mr. Lo’s degree in clinical psychology from Kaohsiung Medical School and his consciousness of climate change has helped guide his emphasis on the relationship between people, life, and space and allowed his designs to best suit the human experience while not interrupting the environment.

While having no formal training in architecture, he has managed to assemble an impressive array of projects that have won over 220 awards, including the World Architecture Festival Award and the IIDA Global Excellence Award.

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