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When the flowers shine

Lawrence Kim / A+U LAB

Industrial Design  /  Completed
Lawrence Kim / A+U LAB

The designs of Petalia pendants and Lilea floor lamps were inspired by the flower. Labeled the Flower Collection, its shape, material, and light effects create a unique atmosphere. The luminaires are the results of the experimentation with three distinctive materials. Metal mesh, paper, and fabric. We sought to express the materiality in its shape and how they combine to generate illumination. To create a product that merges form with light and beauty with function. The composition of curvilinear lines and undulating surfaces of the paper, fabric, and metal sheets, allow soft diffused lights to filter through the layered shades, generating variable texture tones and accentuating the shape of the fixture. The soft light effects that project into the space produce an enticing ambiance, shaping the feeling of a room. The lamps are available in three pendants and two floor lamp sizes that can be placed or hung individually in a small space or multiple lights combined in a larger area. The collection allows the creation of varying compositions to suit the spatial quality of a room. The handmade production assures that each lamp is unique with quality craftsmanship .


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 Lawrence Kim, Seonghoo Song, Hyeonji Lee, Geonwoo Yu
 Seungchul Shin


A+U LAB is a design collective and collaborative practice for architecture and urbanism. A+U LAB engages a diverse range of work, from commercial, cultural, and residential buildings and interiors to large urban developments and research projects. A+U LAB is led by Lawrence Kim, AIA, LEED AP, an architect and professor at Pusan National University.


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