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Rational, tactile, elegant: Nautila kitchen is a combination between performance, design and innovation


Industrial Design  /  Completed

Starting from a sharing place to functional and multitasking micro-architecture. Nautila, made by Arrital, is the perfect combination between performance, design and innovation. Rational, tactile, elegant. Nautila is the new kitchen system, inspired by the perfection of a noble "oceanic architecture": the shell of the Nautilus mollusc, whose internal composition is recognized as one of the most famous forms of the Sectio Aurea, the mathematical language of beauty and absolute design. The core of the collection is the door with holder in aluminium ribbed (thickness 16 mm), a material known for its technical properties that can confer high performances of stability and lightness. Two characteristics that allow to obtain large doors without burdening the operation of the opening mechanisms, thus preserving the product over time. New materials give rise to different aesthetic and tactile impacts. In addition to the coverings in the solid colours of Fenix NTM and in the Sand and Lucidi lacquers, Arrital offers a version with a folder in thermal treated Oak, available in the Brushed or Milled versions with regular or asymmetrical strips. The door will also be available with the innovative 3D texture on printed aluminium foil on which the Nero Sand lacquered rhomboidal decoration stands out: a sophisticated and daring look for a hi-tech effect of utmost rigour and minimalism. Nautila goes beyond the idea of the kitchen environment and declines in the habitat its design language: a new bridge system patented by the brand - an aluminum frame in matt black finish covered in various materials, including stainless steel on an aluminium honeycomb holder - transforms the kitchen concept into multitasking architecture and acts as a dividing lintel between the living area and the living room. Spectacular and elegant, thanks to the geometrically perfect alternation of solids and voids, the new bridge system is equipped with integrated LED lighting, can contain kitchen utensils and supports the main service accessories, such as shelves for objects and electrical outlets, while an integrated transparent glass element protects the cooking zone. Among the accessories proposed in the composition, the new basic modules with open drawers and the GEM showcases in the new 120 cm modularity, equipped with new internal accessories (bottle holder, cup holder, plate holder) supported by a black matt painted aluminium frame with integrated LED lighting. To complete the collection, the new Sipario storage system with four concealed doors, configurable inside in different variants including the solution with integrated suction. With Nautila, the Arrital furnishing proposal goes beyond the idea of a kitchen environment and becomes part of the architectural project using a highly innovative expressive force. An evolution made possible by the combination of design and technology, where performing materials give rise to a multitasking architecture of sculptural forms.


 10 mq
 Franco Driusso


L’attività dello studio associato Driusso Associati Architects, dei fratelli Roberto e Franco, si occupa del completo processo progettuale: dai progetti di architettura al dettaglio dell’interior, industrial e graphic design, all’immagine coordinata. Per la corporate image delle aziende si esegue direzione artistica per la grafica e l’immagine: progettazione delle sedi aziendali, showroom, stand fieristici, concept per i punti vendita e design dei prodotti industriali. Elementi distintivi del processo creativo sono l’utilizzo di un linguaggio tecnologico e minimale, l’approccio progettuale attento alla ricerca formale, alle innovazioni tecnologiche, alle sperimentazioni sui materiali, allo sviluppo del dettaglio e alla sensibilità nell’utilizzo della luce come componente importante del progetto. L’ ecosostenibilità dei progetti è elemento fondamentale per lo sviluppo di tutti gli elaborati. A diversi lavori svolti sono stati attribuiti riconoscimenti e premi, anche internazionali.


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