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An idea to maximize the utility of the space

Studio Antares A+E

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Studio Antares A+E

SLS_5x1 is a residential project planned in response to an ever-growing urban population. According to the most recent census data, the city of Los Angeles has 3,849,297 residents, equating to a population of 8,092.3 people per square mile. Nestled in the highly sought after area of Echo Park, a single-family dwelling lot is subdivided to accommodate five single-family houses that focus on design and comfort in the modern age. A Los Angeles City ordinance passed in 2005 allowed for the subdivision of smaller lots but “faced challenges related to spatial planning and neighborhood compatibility”. The project is a response to this unique challenge and provided residents with a novel alternative to housing that recognizes contemporary urban demands without sacrificing the human experience. Each of the five individual houses are formed with practical solutions to the site, powered by a mindfulness of the future of urban dwelling. The lot runs alongside a decommissioned alley, which was used as an opportunity to give each dwelling an attached garage, breathing new life into the pathway to become an asset for the residents. Composed of four floors, each house has a garage/workshop and a small office on the first floor. Though there is a common stair, the space can be accessed from two different entry points; fostering a separation in the layout forefronts the concept of being able to balance work and life without one unintentionally encroaching on the other. The second floor contains the bedrooms which sit below the more convivial third floor. Every floor is thoroughly considered to maximize the utility of the space: positioning the bedrooms close to the office provides ease of access for a technologically oriented new generation. Moving to the floors above, the third and fourth floors function as ancillary spaces to relax, gather, and unwind. The space unfolds on the thirds floor to the living room and kitchen, which have ample natural light from large windows. The dwelling opens and blooms on the fourth floor with the roof garden terrace. The design ensures that no ground is lost in the project and maintains a meaningful footprint throughout; any green space that would have stood where the building sits, Studio Antares made the effort to bring it back to the rooftop and recall the green space, while also extending the living space. The rooftop terrace lets residents enjoy the temperate Southern California weather, charming city views and functions as a place of respite. This project proves to be a type of re-evaluation of the concept of urbanization and efficacy that does not eschew the inevitable, but rather works in a manner that paints an appealing and optimistic future. Viewing the project in situ, it does not feel out of place nor incompatible with the neighborhood, but rather, serves as a new alternative to the outdated typical single family residence or apartment complex. It is projected that by 2050, the global urban population will rise to 6.33 billion, well over half of the projected world population of 9.6 billion. It is undeniable that the number of individually occupied houses are on the rise, yet housing has not kept pace with demographic change. In order to accommodate the needs of future generations, the design utilized a specific typology that practices a more sustainable approach in contained sprawl and normalizes urban density.


 Los Angles
 Douglas SLS, LLC
 1018 mq
 Studio Antares A + E
 Pavel Getov (Principal in Charge), Alexandrina S. Getov (Principal, Project Architect), Ivan Ivanov (Project Designer); Assistants: Harold Ornelas (Visualization), Priscila Villalpando, Erika Viado
 Douglas SLS, LLC
 Studio Ivanov (Design Consultant), Bold Engineer & Associates, Inc. (Structural); Pacific Coast Civil, Inc (Civil and Grading), HOF (Landscape)
 Studio Antares A + E


Studio Antares A+E is a collaborative practice with aim on integration of architecture, arts and environment through emphasis on advanced methods of project delivery. We operate in a think-tank type of environment assembling team of experts for the particular needs of each job. Based in Los Angeles, California and practicing throughout the United States and around the world, we strive to understand the specific cultural context of each task that we undertake and to find a unique solution for each particular challenge.


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