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A social residence for young workers, a diocesan worship center, coworking spaces and shops in one place


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The Emergence Lafayette program is an operation carried out by the Ogic Group as part of the regeneration and development project of the Part-Dieu district in Lyon by the AUC. This operation includes 138 housing units (first-time buyers and young professionals), 8,600 m² of offices, a social residence for young workers, a diocesan worship center, coworking spaces and shops. The project was carried out by the agencies ITAR Architectures, SUD Architectes, and Wilmotte & Associés. The 57-meters high building rises like a sculpted blade at the intersection of Rue de la Villette and Cours Lafayette, near the Lyon Part Dieu train station. Its heart of the block offers an urban breathing space, and an unexpectedly refreshing and serene intimate landscape for inhabitants, compensating for the surrounding urban dynamism. Access to the various programs, housing, young workers' hostel, diocesan center and chapel, is through this common outdoor space open to the public. The spacious and airy apartments all have balconies, magnificent views of the Alps and have generous openings ensuring abundant natural sunlight. They are extended by large ribbon balconies marked by a vertical grid. The framework of mesh installed in front of the prefabricated white concrete balconies enlivens the tower’s sleek façades, creating a checkerboard effect of double heights and sequences. The two blades of varying heights ensure duplexes of the upper floors enjoy private terraces. The foyer with its smooth façade and containing shared studios and apartments benefits from access to a shared terrace with generous plantings. The materials used create unity and dialogue between the buildings. The uniformity of colors and materials between the buildings is achieved through the use of a stone-colored concrete for the volumes of the housing and the grid of the base of the three programs. It is also present by the common implementation of wood/aluminum joinery in the housing. To be part of the continuity of a "Part-Dieu style": Emblematic of modernity, with gridded buildings and work on materials and simple forms where the structure is expressed in the façade, concrete was chosen both to avoid the error of mimicry and to resolve a series of constraints. - The seismic regulatory aspect: the emergence above 28m represents an increased seismic risk. This constraint has therefore oriented the structural choice towards reinforced concrete (fundamental requirements of non-collapse and damage limitation) more than wood, while reducing the amount of concrete inside by load-bearing posts. This system of posts and separating partitions with the load-bearing facade, frees the levels of concrete walls and spatial constraints, to make it easy for the floors to be flexible over time. The balconies and spines are prefabricated, which allowed for cost, time and detail control.


 10027 mq
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ITAR ARCHITECTURES is an architectural practice focusing on the convergence of architectural and engineering work cultures. The main projects of the office are social housing, renewals of large housing developments and student residences. They demonstrate the social commitment of our practice of architecture. Each project is an opportunity to put inhabitants at the center of our reflections and the work on designing quality living spaces that facilitate social cohesion. Each project is a singular story, a particular contextualization and an opportunity to offer a little luxury (outdoor spaces, volumes, light) for everyone, to compensate the inconveniences of living collectively. Residential buildings are like small communities, and Ingrid Taillandier is convinced they have a role to play in their social functioning.


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