STYLUS STUDIO - HKJC's Sha Tin Club House 5F, the power of the circle and the spirit of horse racing
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HKJC's Sha Tin Club House 5F, the power of the circle and the spirit of horse racing


Hospitality  /  Completed

The Co-prosperity and Co-existence of Design and the Brand Stylus Studio was tasked to reinvent HKJC's Sha Tin Club House 5F. Horse racing elements are sprinkled across the property beautifully between race and leisure days. For the reason that the entire space is an L-shaped layout with fixed kitchen location, it becomes a challenge for designers to improve the entire traffic flow of the services and to enhance the overall dining experience. Except for that, the designer needs to construct two different types of atmosphere for the club in “horse-racing day” and in “non-horse-racing day”. Horse-racing days are usually held on Wednesdays and Sundays (sometimes on Saturdays), and night races are held on Wednesdays. For this project, through the application of “bronze coin”and the use of colours by Remaining true to our purpose of crafting meaningful spaces of enduring value, Hong Kong Jockey Club’s Sha Tin Clubhouse is founded upon a humanistic approach to interiors. Research, insight, client partnership and of course, creative magic, have delivered spatial stories that are both intimate and familiar. Each room seamlessly conceived to inspire every sense and every emotion of a great horse race. Project Innovation/Need Client Requirements: As one of the oldest active organisations in the city, HKJC aims to continuously improve. Part of this process included revamping their interior design. Key considerations for the redesign included: • Modern guest experiences • Improved service flow (restrictions because of the fixed kitchen corner and L-shaped floor plan) • Sporting atmosphere Design DNA, solutions: The horse racing experience was used to set the tone. From crowd excitement, down to the use of traditional racing colours, these elements served as inspiration throughout the design process and DNA. The corridor became a focal point as the string that sews these elements together, connecting each dining area showcasing the thrill of the race. Design Challenge a. The use of distinctive colours for each area showcase distinctive moods and atmospheres b. To design race and non-race days c. The use of "bronze coin" element to sprinkle across the venue, regardless of space – this represents fortune. d. Service Flow Improvement (restrictions because of the fixed kitchen corner and L-shaped floor plan) Sustainability - Determined efficient and effective use of space - We tried our best to use of local source, recycle materials - Most of lights has dimming system as in save as much energy as we can - We have done acoustic design as well to make sure about noise control


 Hong Kong
 Hong Kong Jockey Club
 1310 mq


STYLUS STUDIO (Hong Kong) is Asia’s most respected interior architecture practice for meaningful and enduring design solutions. We specialize in hospitality, commercial, cultural, and residential projects. Our firm and founders have earned many honors including A’Deisng awards, HA+D awards, DrivenxDesign, Perspectives 40 under 40 Interior Design Awards, and are certified BEAM Professionals. In the past year, we’ve worked with companies including but not limited to - Marriott International, Westin Hotels, Kerry Properties, St. Regis Hotels, Kempinski Hotels, Sheraton, and Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Hong Kong Jocky Club to help them make their brand more visible and enhance the human experience in the space.

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