Yunchao Xu/Atelier Apeiron/SZAD - A Scroll of View to Nature: Waterfront Library with Red Brick and White Stone
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A Scroll of View to Nature: Waterfront Library with Red Brick and White Stone

Yunchao Xu/Atelier Apeiron/SZAD

Culture  /  Completed
Yunchao Xu/Atelier Apeiron/SZAD

Jinjiang is a beautiful city famous for its ancient architecture of southern Fujian. However, with the rapid development of urbanization, a large number of ancient “Cuo villages” have been destroyed. This has led to the gradual disappearance of such architectural forms that have inherited traditional Chinese architectural culture. The entire campus plan was inspired by the "Red Brick Cuo Village" preserved from Ming Dynasty, which is constructed in a unique way with white stone embedded in red brick wall. The library is the largest public space as a central hall in the Jinjiang Campus of Fuzhou University. Our strategy is to create vertical and horizontal flowing space into nature, and meanwhile integrate the local materials and traditional crafts into the new building in the original urban context. Learning Hall Enclosed by Book Hills For students and local residents, the central hall in the library is a multi-functional space, which is enclosed by two sides of book hill. Along book shelve walls, are two zip zap stairs slowly rising on both sides to connect different floors. More than routes of circulation, the book hills play an important role as vertical communication space for students. These wide steps are becoming the most favorite space for young people to reading and hanging up. A Scroll of View to Nature The south side of building faces a very beautiful scene of hills and lake. Along the waterfront, we plug a 70-meter-long continuous LOFT space cantilevering 6 meters from the third floor. As a horizontal view frame, the reading LOFT unfolds the landscape in a way of traditional Chinese scroll painting. This open area is coated by natural wood and connected to the upper level by two spiral stairs. Sometimes people would even spend a whole day to just enjoy the great view of sunrise and sunset on the sea. Fading Memories Living in New Walls The both side walls of the library are made of used white granite embedded in old red bricks in a traditional way. It took months for us to collect enough materials from the old town, where fast development is shrinking the area of Ancient Cuo Villages. Fortunately, we found local artisans to work with us to integrate these recycled materials into the building by using the original craft. The use of traditional techniques has saved a lot of cost from glass curtain wall system, while also adapting to the local coastal climate environment and reducing the operating cost of air conditioning.


 Fuzhou University
 29550 mq
 Yunchao Xu
 Yongxian Fu, Shengjie Zhang, Jiachuan Qi, Hongrui Liu, Jianxuan Chen,
 Shengliang Su


ATELIER APEIRON was founded by Yunchao Xu in Shenzhen of China, which is a creative and adventurous team of researchers, explorers and architects across different disciplines to practice urban design, landscape design, architectural design, and interior design. We use the ancient word APEIRON as our design philosophy and methodology, which leads us to the endless thinking, research and practice towards the origin of architecture. We take each project as an adventure on social operation rules, a re-link to the nature, and a reveal to the human life. We have accomplished a series of beautiful and innovative works in many cities of China, and all of them are running well, profoundly impacting and improving everyday life on the site. We think about our role and what we leave behind. With our feet on the ground and an open view to a sustainable future.


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