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The next new lifestyle in China is Lixian Future Community of Quzhou


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The huge mass of the residential architecture could lack spatial scales of humanity, isolating us from nature, alienating interpersonal relationship. Our exploration mainly relies in what could be the future living way suited for China?

Quzhou is located in the southeast of the Zhejiang province where not only has abundant landscape resources but also a famous cultural city with a long history and a shrine of southern Confucianism. Profound and lasting Chinese culture can be traced to the same origin. Confucianism takes “cosmopolitism “as the ideal status of society development. In “cosmopolitism” society everyone has got the right place and satisfaction. Lixian community takes" cosmopolitism” as the design theme to explore an ideal community.

This project attempts to construct a platform above the traditional transportation level, function as various garden landscapes. The elevated pathway provides the multi-purpose space that people can use for recreation as well as links the courtyard parks leading to the water terrace that people of all ages can use to explore the landscape. All community groups would be arranged in rhythmic orderings of low density, small block and abundant landscape to create a pleasant spatial scale. The architectural features have both the traditional characteristics and futuristic elements, furthermore, traditional architectural forms are extracted such as the white wall, the black roof, watchtower and so on. The Lixian community tries to dig out the street life to achieve a scenario of cosmopolitism where full of green, path crisscrossed, houses neat ordered, a land of idyllic beauty.

Along the river there is a talent persons’ apartment, with a neighborhood center, bus terminals, or distinctive commercial programming in the lower floor. This project aims to strengthen the pride of servers by providing superior location, best landscape resources, better employment prospects and opportunities, as reward for their better service in future scenes. The development of Lixian culture will be made possible by improving and accentuating the importance of servers.

Future living concepts identified in the project brief focuses on digital services to encourage innovation, a sense of community, and improve the lives of citizens. The development uses a mobile-first approach, which uses the mobile phone as a key for access control, payments, information exchange. And Low-carbon technology is used on the architecture and utilities design and construction, which focusses on the reduction and reuse of energy.

TOD mode is one of the essential highlights in the Lixian community, the local bus network would be connected to the bus terminal integrating the neighborhood center, which would also organize the possible nurseries, rest home, entrepreneur hub or multifunctional space with specific cautious-planned civic infrastructures. Those elements together would create a complete TOD system that connects all the nodes and they are important parts to structure a whole Lixian future community.


 The Promotion Office of Lixian Future Community
 644416 mq
 Project Director: Wei Zhang, Xuan Wu;Urban designer: Chun Li, Nuowa Xiehan, Liyang Zhang, Yin Cheng, Yu Zhang, Chendong Zhu, Qian Jiang;Architect: Lei Xie, Yilong Li, Chenguang Sheng, Weigang Zhi, Xiaoyu Sun, Longfeng Lin, Huan Huang, Baozhe Zhang, Weidong Wang, Junjie Zheng, Yanping Yang.
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About gad : As an atypical design studio born in the transformation of rapid development of Chinese architecture design revolution, gad now is one of the most influential design companies countrywide. Instead of mass production, gad would rather choose to slow down and search for the existing significance of every space. A group of energetic and thoughtful young people gather together here to give rise to tons of interesting and fresh ideas. Now gad cooperates with insightful proprietors from diverse fields like hotel design, housing design, theater design and so on to boost new ideas for architecture, which at the same time, encourages itself to step into a better design world.


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