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Try to showcase your luxury car in a space designed just for it: Supercar Capsule


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Each supercar capsule can go beyond the limit in terms of individuality & customization. This is because they’re custom made in every new setting, so you see the construction develop from the ground up. You can choose from a plethora of custom options to make sure your supercar capsule aligns with your needs, style, property, villa type, and car park size.
Nonetheless, to maintain steady efficacy in each project, the design is based on a range of predefined configurations. These are used as a pinboard for every customized project.

You can select a captivating supercar capsule based on your space requirements and how you would like to display your car. One of the models involves creating a new capsule to merge with the home’s interior. This will incorporate the garage with existing rooms, in which a simple wall will transform into a bespoke exhibition for your statement piece. It allows guests and visitors to appreciate and admire your supercar without having to take them to the garage – your car becomes a part of the interior décor. If your home has a garage, you can opt for completely remodeling the interior to give it a refreshing appeal via new finishes, lighting effects, and color schemes to highlight your supercar’s aesthetic. If you have a taste for displaying your supercar as a separate entity from your home, you can opt for constructing a new parking area that’s independent of your home. It will be installed in the garden or any other free space as per your villa’s spatial elements, to showcase your supercar within its own dedicated showroom. This displays your prized possession and asset in a sculptural way by accentuating all its best

The Supercar Capsule is a freestanding construction, totally prefabricated, which is delivered in
parts and assembled on site. The mainframe is made of metal; two lateral closures are glazed in
one single sandwich panel, while the other two closures are solid and cladded with metal.
The roof is made in a double layer of hollow sandwich panels and houses the external A/C monoblocks.

The Capsule is designed for the outdoors and to perform in all weather conditions. It is meant to
be a permanent construction, however, a dismantling operation would not be destructive for any part, excluded the silicon joints.

Welcome to Supercar Capsule, your experimental immersive car space
The Capsule comes in three preconfigured out fittings: Tech, Studio and Loft - but the configuration may vary on demand. It can be enriched with several options and even
got personalized, as any kind of customization is possible. The extended version One-XT features an additional module of 2,400 mm, to extend the inner space for a lounge and give the house more cabinets for accessories.

The supercar capsule project is aimed towards car lovers and enthusiasts who go the extra mile for understanding and appreciating an automobile’s qualities. Unlike other types of residential architecture and design, the supercar capsule is dedicated to showcasing your luxury car in a space designed just for it. It’s a distinct abstract designed by supercar enthusiasts, so the entire project will be centered around the car’s requirements and needs. In simple words, the designers understand what you want for your car, as well as the perfect conditions to maintain your car’s prime.


 45 mq
 Andrea Sensoli, Iacopo Mannelli, Andrea Rettori & Alberto Jelmoni
 Andrea Sensoli, Iacopo Mannelli, Andrea Rettori & Alberto Jelmoni


Supercarcapsule is the brainchild of Italian consultancy firm ASZarchitetti group, comprising ASZarchitetti and SUPERFUTUREDESIGN*. Combined, the design collective has completed well over 400 projects across the residential, commercial, and luxury retail sectors throughout Europe, Asia, Saudi Arabia and of course, the Middle East.

During its 20 years of operation, the ASZ group has excelled at proposing novel design solutions for demanding clients. Spectators and audiences can understand more about their impressive ‘winning streak’ of successful projects through press publications and awards.

It goes without saying that, given our long experience in both luxury retail and residential projects, it was very easy for us to develop the idea into a formed concept, envisaging the possibilities and giving an in-depth understanding of what could really make a difference launching this product in a significant way.


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