Xiaojing Su - IM600 campus: low-density, high-cognition, full-functional service flexible park mode
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IM600 campus: low-density, high-cognition, full-functional service flexible park mode

Xiaojing Su

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Xiaojing Su

Inno Matric 600 corporate campus (IM600 campus) is a creative office campus located in the southwest of Shanghai, China. A total of 7 office buildings have been completed in 2020.
The design theme of IM 600 Campus is " Engaged with the Color Magic Cube ". The positioning of the campus is to provide young innovative entrepreneurs with different types of office space, and some independent studios can also provide flexible space as the needs of users change. IM 600 Campus is also required to reflect the lively, free and sunny appearance of young people. The design plan uses the atrium, roof garden, terrace, etc. as far as possible, so that the office space of all orientations can fully contact with nature.
The facade of Building B in IM 600 Campus is a brown aluminum curtain wall, which symbolizes a big piece of cappuccino. Buildings E, F, and G relied on the facade colors of the container itself to reflect the design concept of " Engaged with the Color Magic Cube ". Their color schemes are taken from world-famous paintings such as Impressionism and abstract art, such as Georges Seurat's " A Sunday Afternoon on the Ile de la Grande Jatte", Oscar-Claude Monet's " Le Bassinaux Nympheas " and Wassily Kandinsky's masterpieces " Yellow-Red-Blue ". The designer extracts the colors from the paintings for matching, uses the box as the canvas and the space as the frame, to pay tribute to the painters with a new creative method.
Each container module in IM 600 Campus is prefabricated and assembled in the factory, and then hoisted after being transported to the base. The on-site operation is very fast, saving a lot of time and labor costs. In addition, IM 600 Campus can also realize overall relocation, remote operation, or recycling. In line with the concept of low carbon environmental protection. If there are insufficient supporting conditions for the site base, for example, the site does not have power and sewage system, then the container of IM 600 Campus can also be added with customized equipment modules(Such as solar power generation integrated equipment, sewage ecological treatment module.) to achieve "island operation".
Innovation in the construction mode of the park. Now and in the future, the office space of some enterprises no longer needs high-density concentrated office space for staff, but will be replaced by distributed, mobile, isolated and other office modes. IM 600 Campus is exploring a low-density, high-cognition, full-functional service flexible park mode.


 Shanghai Minhang Real Estate Group
 Xiaojing SU
 Xiaojing SU、Xinru Feng、Shixin Ni、Dan Zhao、Zhangchun Zhu、Hongfeng Wang、Shijun Meng
 Xiaojing SU、Dan Zhao、Changzhi Fu、Yuehui Pan


Ms. Xiaojing Su received a master's degree in architecture and a doctor's degree in urban planning and design. She focuses on innovative design of human habitat environment. In response to the changing environment of modern society, the relationship between the mobile modular integrated architecture and the changing human lifestyle is also the research direction she is interested in.

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