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Emphasizing the sense of ritual: Legend Mansion Landscape Design


Landscape  /  Completed
The 5,400-square-meter project is located in Putian City, Fujian, China. An environment similar to nature is created to alleviate the interference of urban main roads to residential areas with landscape design. Echoing the building, the landscape design adopts the classic new Chinese style in the whole project, emphasizing the sense of ritual. The landscape design draws on the mountains and rivers in the cultural architecture of Putian, giving the city a unique charm.
Characterized by academy culture, the landscape design adopts the methods of paving, plants, water management, stacking stones, walls, houses, and borrowed scenery to create a quiet living environment surrounded by mountains and rivers. With a square layout, the project is close to water and mountains, full of the natural atmosphere, and an interesting lifestyle. Such a design can not only reproduce the beauty of nature but also create a space with a suitable scale, which is in line with modern people's understanding of beauty.
The majestic scenery wall and the tall gate building complement each other, and the stone and metal scenery walls convey a solemn and majestic visual experience. The walls standing on both sides block the hustle and bustle of the world. The flower and plant clusters reflect the unique aesthetic value pursuit of the academy.
Two bronze lion sculptures are placed at the entrance, which is custom-built by the heritage heirs in the field of metal forging, creating a state of majesty, ruggedness, dignity, and stability.
The central waterscape symbolizes treasure from water, which is divided into 5 levels. In order to ensure that the water flows into a rushing waterfall, the designer has made all levels of falling water into a concave, which perfectly presents the waterscape of the waves. Walking among them, the sound of gurgling and falling water on both sides was endless, echoing with the back mountains, blending the site, life, and nature. The lighting and springs are staggered in the central waterscape, where the purple fog clouds float. Compared with the magnificent sea of stars, the landscape is intended to express introverted meaning.
The front courtyard combines height and depth to create a dignified sense of ritual and mystery. The high-view walls on both sides and the 23-meter-long drop-level water feature create a magnificent atmosphere of a great landscape effect. Different from the serious and rigid traditional Chinese style, the project is more lively and vivid. The project uses the essential Chinese elements, integrates the traditional spatial pattern, restores the three-entry homecoming ritual system, and elaborates the oriental etiquette order.


 Longfor Real Estate
 5400 mq
 Wu Guowei


Established in Hong Kong in 1998, and established branches in Shanghai and Fujian in 2008, ARTBELL is a landscape practice headquartered in Shanghai now. ARTBELL advocates the design concept of "minimalist form and unbounded art" and modern minimalist design style. It has a professional design team of over 130 people, serving the residential, commercial, cultural, and tourism fields all over China. With senior industry experience, high-quality modern design, and standardized workflow, it has won high praise from many customers.

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