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Wuhan Marriott Hotel Optics Valley: innovative technology, outstanding quality, humanistic care

Yang Bangsheng & Associates Group

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Yang Bangsheng & Associates Group
Wuhan Marriott Hotel Optics Valley is the first upscale globally-branded hotel in the New Central of Wuan Optics Valley. It will not only accelerate the valley’s connection with the world, but also improve the quality of business, travel and life in this area.
Spanning astonishingly 600 meters, the building is a nod to urbanism. It communicates green living concepts through the most advanced technologies and fuses oriental humanistic spirit into international architectural aesthetics, showing the developer CCTEB(China Construction Third Engineering Bureau)’s focus on innovative technology, outstanding quality, humanistic care and craftsmanship.
The key issue of the hotel’s interior designer is how to deliver a unique “Optics Valley + Marriott” experience that blends the place spirit with CCTEB’s culture on the basis of the architectural concept. The interiors have followed the preciseness and order of architectural design. Structural relations between lines, faces and materials, together with building techniques, are precisely displayed as a way to pay homage to those determined, earnest, and motivated city builders who have relentless pursuit of perfection.
The uneven ceiling combined with hanging wood grilles gives the lobby a sense of layer and array. The backdrop of the front desk is decorated with an collage of the abstract maps of Wuhan, Beijing, New York and London, suggesting CCTEB’s ambition and journey from Wuhan to the world.
The floor-to-ceiling window of the lobby lounge is designed in the form of six “doors” to welcome distinguished guests. They visually divide the space, and create symmetrical views and a tranquil garden aura by introducing the outdoor landscape. As the dynamic area is reasonably separated from the quiet one, the lounge can meet the needs both for relaxation and business.
The boundary between all-day dining and specialty restaurants can be set up or removed according to high and low volume periods with flexibility in order to improve resource efficiency and daily operations. Crossed lattice screen draws inspiration from the scaffold used by city builders, an element that contributes to the realization of every urban plan.
Natural texture of marble, leather and timber underlies the Chinese restaurant, giving the space a calm and elegant quality. Symmetrical seam lines on the wall are intentionally reserved and transformed from trails of fabrication to ornament.
The ballroom is highlighted by the designer’s original artistic light fixtures. They are richly layered under the seemingly orderly appearance, implying that architecture is a combination of reasoning and sentiment. Tens of thousands of light tubes linked with each other emit dazzling light, just like the radiance shining from the Optics Valley New Town.
For guest room design, a small partition is installed to separate the lounge from the bedroom to strengthen the sense of living. A set of cozy and functional sofas defines a peaceful and restful area that will help stimulate creativity.
The water of Wuhan East Lake is a clue throughout public areas and guest rooms. In the form of flowing rhythms and serene colors, it injects softness and vitality into the space.
Only through state-of-the-art techniques can one achieve superb effects. Every detail of Wuhan Marriott Hotel Optics Valley conveys the designer’s understanding of architectural spirit, urban life and humanity, and also expresses the designer’s heartfelt respect to the builders, residents and visitors to the city.


 31000 mq
 Interior:Yang Bangsheng & Associates Group
 Yang Bangsheng & Associates Group
 Yang Bangsheng & Associates Group


YANG & Associates Group (YANG for short) is a global renowned large-scale creative design enterprise, specialising on the interior design of international high-end brand hotels. It is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, and has offices in Paris and New York. Founded in 1997 by Mr. Yang Bangsheng, who is a well-known designer in the Asia Pacific hospitality design, YANG consists of more than 500 design elites worldwide and achieves impressive results in the field of international hospitality design. In 2018, YANG was ranked fifth in the TOP 100 global hospitality design firms in the "INTERIOR DESIGN" magazine.



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