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VANKE commune ZHIFU: sharing, communication and interaction into the design concept

SWS Group

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SWS Group
VANKE commune ZHIFU is located in the key area of the integration and development of the six districts of Yantai City, covering an area of 398 square meters, the building of the project consists of three floors, the first floor is an "indoor block" of public space, the second floor is office space, exhibition hall and gym, and the third floor is a multimedia brand culture exhibition area.

We take reshaping the way of how people live in the blocks as a starting point, emphasize the mixing of the block functions with people's energy, inject the ideology of "sharing, communication and interaction" into the design concept.

Now the commune is turning into a young and energetic fashion gathering place, the IP "YOHO Meow" welcomes everyone at the entrance, the first "Yanjiyou" library in Yantai, the first LEGO community store in China, Life Fitness American Fitness area, equipped with MIX BAR, handmade workshop, flower shop, family kitchen, etc.

The visual design of the space adopts Pixel Art, integrates the visual elements of quadratic gamification into many design details, highlights the sense of entertainment and interaction, and forms a highly identifiable spatial vision.

The plan of the project is irregular, and we embed different functions into it in a modular way, forming a smooth, sequential arrangement, and simulating the unique experience of walking through the outdoor streets in the interior. When stepping into the room, there is a flower shop, a bar, a dining area, a reading zone, a handicraft area and a leisure zone.

VANKE COMMUNE ZHIFU is the catalyst for the urban renewal of Yantai. With the increasingly close connectivity of the development of various districts, the boundaries of each region are gradually melting.

We hope to bring infinite vitality to the neighbourhood and the city through design. We participate in such a project about urban renewal from the perspective of residents. We think about what kind of community environment people expect and how to make the neighbourhood business into a living organism.

In a word, Vanke commune Zhifu has gradually become the most powerful living facility in the area. It builds a vibrant "city.". It continues to drive the heat of the surrounding areas, and the regional value has also attracted more attention. It has opened up a new way of life for residents. It is not only a huge urban development project but also the future of more than 100000 residents.


 3215 mq
 Wei Sun
 Long Li, Ziling Zhang, Geng Wang, Hui Lan


SWS Group, a service company with design as a platform, our service scope includes design, product, and urban renewal. Our core concepts are Pioneering, Topicality, Sociality and Collaborativeness and our mission are to "service to create life" to provide brand and project consulting, planning, and design services. SWS group pays attention to the foresight of design. Since its establishment, it has been committed to "humanities, technology, environmental protection, and sustainability". In order to create a more unique Oriental lifestyle as the goal, to create the cultural characteristics of "harmony between human and nature". SWS group integrates the regional culture of the project with modern lifestyle and business form so that each project has its own unique brand.

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