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The Langbo Chengdu, in The Unbound Collection by Hyatt, oriental culture into modern life

Yang Bangsheng & Associates Group

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Yang Bangsheng & Associates Group
The hotel is located at the East Street of Chengdu where is suffused with both profound history and modern vitality. Adhering to the spirit of the place, the design fuses Chinese cultural essence into the Western hotel brand’s DNA to redefine the Chinese style of travel and living with a quality of “modest luxury”.

Based on an understanding of classical Chinese philosophy and life aesthetics, the designer creates a hotel space beyond the typical vintage and luxury style.

Jade, a jewel and also a symbol of gentlemen in Chinese culture, is taken as a design clue to endow the space with the qualities of gentleness, modesty and reservation. In addition, the most representative local folk art - Sichuan Opera - is borrowed, together with Jade Culture, to express both the elite’s and fashion followers’ eclectic and upbeat attitude towards life and work today.

Themed by “life is like a play”, the sky lobby is accented by the huge metal screens behind the front desk. They are shaped like theater drapes, waiting for the staging of guests’ own stories.

The designer makes full use of gently curved lines and surfaces, the design language extracted from jade, and apply them even on hard finishes such as marble walls and metal backdrops.

To introduce local lifestyle, the hotel replaces the conventional lobby lounge with an open tea house. Orderly arrayed wall scones and sofas with accents of red remind people of the Chinese style of hospitality, whereas low and wide leather or fabric furniture injects a hint of Western aesthetics. The elegance of the East and the preciseness of the West collide yet blend with each other, demonstrating the tolerance and openness of the city.

The all-day dining restaurant evokes images of old times. Red brick walls and old-fashioned buffet floor patterns are reminiscent of the alleys in old districts. Pendant lights with fabric shades, artistic draperies in the corner, hearths, and modern dining chairs and tables create the subtle sensation that one is sitting in an old cafe, a space that manifests the urban elite’s and fashion followers’ relentless pursuit of life quality and art taste.

Ushered by archways arranged with a specific rhythm, guests will arrive in the Chinese restaurant, for which delicate jade green has set a silent yet soothing tone.

Continuing the “play” theme of the lobby, the ballroom draws inspiration from the lines and colors of facial makeup in Sichuan Opera. The geometric patterns on the ceiling effectively conceal light sources under a clean surface, and constitute an undulating visual effect which enhances the sense of art. Vibrant colors of the carpet are echoed by the “metal curtains” on the wall, which stand ready to welcome the arrival of the protagonist and audience.

Due to the low storey height of the swimming pool, the ceiling utilizes mirror metal sheets to create a reflection, so as to visually expand the space and make swimmers feel like under the starry sky.

Guest rooms feel as soft and mild as polished jade. With austere colors, pure materials and generous space, the designer tries to avoid any interruption, instead to deliver the serenity, clarity and sense of belonging that travelers desire.

The Langbo Chengdu, in The Unbound Collection by Hyatt, aims to incorporate oriental culture into modern life and to build a poetic relation between the hotel and the locality. By providing busy urbanite with a balanced lifestyle (dynamic and quiet; outward and inward), it will upgrade guests’ travel and living experience with Chinese philosophy featuring peace and modesty.


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 Interior:Yang Bangsheng & Associates Group
 Yang Bangsheng & Associates Group
 Yang Bangsheng & Associates Group


YANG & Associates Group (YANG for short) is a global renowned large-scale creative design enterprise, specialising on the interior design of international high-end brand hotels. It is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, and has offices in Paris and New York. Founded in 1997 by Mr. Yang Bangsheng, who is a well-known designer in the Asia Pacific hospitality design, YANG consists of more than 500 design elites worldwide and achieves impressive results in the field of international hospitality design. In 2018, YANG was ranked fifth in the TOP 100 global hospitality design firms in the "INTERIOR DESIGN" magazine.



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