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Symbol Residences, an iconic and luxury complex based on aesthetic solutions

Studio D73

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Studio D73
“Symbol Residence is an upscale apartment complex on the Mediterranean shore that may rightfully become a new symbol of Limassol thanks to its prime location and bold architectural design, Spacious terraces and verandas on each of the 12 floors shape an exceptional silhouette while floor-to-ceiling windows make it airy, the dynamic volume creates an effect of four-directional movement and a transparent central axis visually splits the apartment complex two separate buildings, Stunning views and well-designed space reflecting the beautiful surroundings together with an audacious silhouette.” - Architect Ricardo Bofill.
Each apartment in Symbol Residence is a glowing and unique mirror of the iconic building itself: reflecting its prime position on the Mediterranean Sea as well as its exclusive shape and spacious common areas, the apartments are an inner glare of the bright complex outside.
Directly overlooking the clear blue and white seashore with an open view from each room, the sunlit apartments reveal the marine brightness and colors; interior design by Studio D73 has this main purpose: to replicate inside the flat the shiny tones of the limpid and airy environment. Following this leit motiv, the shades chosen by the designers are radiant, gleaming, full of light. The luminosity released by the sea is brought inside not only by the colors but also by the finishing and materials chosen for the project. In the living areas, the floors are bright, made with marble effect and a never-ending sensation of continuity. In the night area, D73 chose a very natural and clear wood floor: it reminds the guests of nature and natural elements. Everywhere, a sensation of harmony and peace connects with the external environment.
With the aim to extend the regenerating sensation coming from the marine setting, the apartments have devoted a great space to the terraces, just in front of the sea. Through the view from the apartments, the interaction between the inside and the outside is at the highest level: the terrace is an expansion of the flat, or, better, the inside is a continuity of the outside space.
Symbol Residence is an iconic and luxury complex in Limassol and so are its apartments: spacious, sunlit apartments offering a deep view from each room. The project features various layout types, including the entire floor four-bedroom residences. The customers will enjoy the selection of the best finishing materials from the top European brands such as Italian floorings, kitchen furniture, and custom-made wardrobes.
The design pays high attention to details and aesthetic solutions, always considering functionality. A clever combination of technical and decoration lights will allow the guest to enjoy different shades of illumination as the day pass by and the soft evening atmosphere comes in.


 Symbol Residence
 3500 mq
 Arch. Ricardo Bofill (Architectural project), Studio D73 (Interior Design)
 Studio D73 Architects - Arch. Marco Schivardi
 Cyfield Group
 Mechanical engineering: K.Karantonis Consultants & Associates
 Zemco Group


“Progettiamo la tua passione – We design your passion” is at the heart of Studio D73, whose value proposition lies in a tailor-made approach, Made in Italy, research of fine and innovative details and exclusive services sewn into the needs and wishes of the customers.
Studio D73 aims to develop a unique experience, establishing a deep relationship with the clients and making sure that their dream can come true, starting from a simple hand sketch all the way through to a representation which perfectly mirrors reality.
Since 2007, D73 has designed hotels, spas, villas, luxury residences and sporting centers, with Italian style and products based on exceptional expertise and furniture design.
Based in Brescia, Italy, the Company is also represented by its offices in Cyprus, Russia Ukraine and Georgia, and develops projects worldwide.


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