Pone Architecture - A Geometric Answer to the Poetic Wildness
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A Geometric Answer to the Poetic Wildness

Pone Architecture

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Pone Architecture
What is intriguing is not the island or the canyon,but the amazing things behind and between them.
Hidden in the gap between islands and canyon walls  are many thin and long cracks and openings that meander. Light, molecule, air flow, dust, and neoteny sustain within the negative space:Circulating, permeating, and dispersing into a Boltzmann Distribution Law-based micro-ecosystem.
The gap between positive and negative.Tries to attain the positive value with the negative one.We try to find connections in the primitive philosophies of natural science, physics, biology and space. And construct a surreal interface through the deconstruction and abstraction of spaces to reveal the poetic wildness of nature.
In the name of “Museum of Biodiversity”,Yunnan create a new public core and urban front cover: PARK CITY, making it an urban parlor of the Dianchi International Community, a new super demonstration area, and a answer to the mystery of biological order.
The negative space is the critical gap between objects, i.e., the outlined space between entities when they are hollowed out. It is characterized by elements with unclear facets, which are deconstructed into multiple segments, discretely wandering and transmitting hidden information.
The negative space has multiple extension values, and when integrated, they can create interesting spatial relationships. The「negative」can be expanded randomly, either defocused or missing. It denotes the gap in perception, the edge of the hidden which can be thoroughly and profoundly experienced in these narrow gaps behind and between.
Erosion, fragment, negative value of weathered residual are metaphors of canyons and hidden forest.Deep in the glowing light, the outer softness and inner fullness are transformed into the form of a canyon.With a lobby, space is confined and divided into dimensions in different directions.
When symmetry is abandoned, internal energy is defined and wildness in primal life returns
Through the caves, behind the canyon are amazing things hidden, the night firefights, tribes, rainforest, fountain, marsh and island… Just like a poetic forest courtyard breeding life’s abundance.
On top of the irregular and polygonal building base, the prototype is dissolved and deconstructed by hollowing out free and random spheres, softening and reorganizing the spaces into a boundless forest.A spiritual space is created, where the sharp contrast between the tiny individuals and the boundless sky triggers respect for nature and reverence for life.
The design takes the absence of "presence" as the starting point of thinking, and proceeds with the destruction of symbolic identity, the impossible perfect match between the signifier and the signified, and the subversion of structural centrality as the meaning chain of difference for the deduction and development of spatial logics. The opening in the sky defines "being" as "presence", and the primary presence breaks the original unitary order, thus giving rise to new meanings.

Stone materials: molar ash,desert grey,pure acrylic artificial stones
Coatings:art coatings,black metallic paint,latex paint
Wood:finished wood veneer,wood floor,outdoor wood
Metals:embossed stainless steel,champagne gold stainless steel,slot broaching aluminum plate,finished product profile series
Gypsum board:GRG (precast glass fiber reinforced gypsum)
Glasses:ultra-white tempered glass,ultra-white mirror and ultra-white graded glass
Carpets and fabrics:finished office carpet,green carpet and green covering leather or cloth
Bricks:through-body bricks

【Processes and technical difficulties】
With a height of 10 meters and a maximum span of 15 meters,the ultra-large special-shaped structures of"Canyon"and"Flower Bud Island"are built with GRG.
1.Control the precision of on-site setting-out and positioning for the special-shaped steel structure skeleton installed by means of precise load calculation.
2.The factory will carry out 3D modeling and work out processing and production drawings through the computer with reference to the actual data;the factory will open the mold in blocks by using a 3D engraving machine,and then go through numerous procedures such as hanging net,lime plaster and polishing until the finished;furthermore,the products are grouped and numbered,the pendants are welded to the corresponding positions of the main steel skeleton based on the number of GRG components,and the pendants are plastered and polished to seamless connection;after the surface is smooth,paint the surface finish.

The front desk is made up of three raw stone blocks weighing 6 tons,which are engaged by solid brass technology.The cross sections of the stones are polished and washed with water,and the water patterns are carved in a three-dimensional way,which soften and liquefy the solids and release the warm and moist material state.

Central Poem Pavilion:the 3600 pieces of wood with epitaxial are 1.2M* in length,0.15M* in width and 0.02M in thickness,the shape with thin edges and thick middle.The middle thickness ensures that the shape is vertical and straight,the hanging plate is installed with embedded parts (steel structure skeleton) based on the on-site module positioning,the hanging plate is double-layered with multi-layer plywood and high-density board.It is transported to the site and fixed to the poem pavilion structure by professional buckles.


 4500 mq
 Golden Ho
 PONE Architecture


PONE Architecture
Respect for the principle, pluralism, diversity, rooted context concise, fusion and evolution, the interaction of people and space design on mining potential, from instinct needs to perceptual experience, series study practice, make function,experience the extended more plump, and return to the nature of the state, on the basis of inheritance innovation, expand the boundary in the field of design.


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