BRAG arquitectos - Bajío 307: a contemporary residential complex in an high-value neighborhood in Mexico City
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Bajío 307: a contemporary residential complex in an high-value neighborhood in Mexico City

BRAG arquitectos

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BRAG arquitectos
Bajío 307 is a residential complex with 82 apartments located in Colonia Roma, a high-value neighborhood in Mexico City.

The project is situated on an irregularly shaped property that was formed by merging different lots and faces three different streets: Ave. Coyoacán, Tehuantepec and Bajío. The main challenge was to work with an early 20th century house that has been classified by the National Institute of Fine Arts (INBA) and is located on one of the properties, in order to bring it into a subtle dialogue with the project. The house was restored and from there, the project was resolved through a longitudinal compositional axis in the center of the lot; the two volumes of apartments are located in it, which allowed 60% of the lot to be designated as free space, thereby preserving the existing trees and permeable areas. From the beginning, the existing premise was for the project to have large open areas for the residents; this is designed to produce urban architecture that contributes to the city by introducing a plant-filled landscape.

The main access to the complex is from Bajío Street, creating a corridor that connects the aforementioned house, the two volumes of apartments, as well as the circulation leading to the common recreational areas, such as the patios, pool area and gardens. In contrast, the circulation inside each volume consists of two stair and elevator cores that communicate with the parking level.

Inside the house, the paste floors were preserved in the exterior area, while new ones were installed in the interior, and all the interior and exterior finishes were restored to adapt it to the new program. In the central courtyard, a water mirror was added with a green wall where there is a work by Aldo Chaparro, a plastic artist. The house contains the common areas; the lobby, library, cafeteria, restrooms and dressing rooms are located on the ground floor; the gym, meeting room and business center are upstairs; and the rooftop is used as a roof garden area with a swimming pool, lounge areas and bars.

The 82 apartments range between 98 and 154 m2 and are distributed among two seven-level volumes. In turn, each level has six apartments; notably, those on the ground floor and on the top floor are of double-height and feature a private terrace.

The facade of the volumes is composed of materials including glass, stone and greenery. Its design consists of a series of openings and ramparts that were strategically designed to bring natural lighting and ventilation to the interior of the apartments. The complex is surrounded by green areas with a total of 2,150 m2 of preserved space, planters and green walls.


 Mexico City
 GDC Desarrollos
 13500 mq
 Cristian Aguilar, Santiago Morales Broc
 Hugo Sánchez, Alejandro Rodríguez, Nayeli Ramos
 GDC Desarrollos
 Landscaping / KVR Arquitectura de paisaje
 Onnis Luque, Iker Haro


Established in Mexico City in 2020, BRAG Arquitectos was born after seven years of working together in the design and construction of projects. It is directed by Santiago Morales Broc and Cristian Aguilar.

They stand out mainly for the construction and development of multi-family housing, they use regulatory instruments as the main tool and develop creative solutions for the implementation of sustainable mechanisms in each project.

The residential projects they have built also stand out for the development of green areas throughout the complex, from the ground floor, to balconies, terraces and green walls. They also manage to give a greater value to the property by including and developing common areas.

The practice of BRAG Arquitectos is not limited only to the residential area, since other types of projects such as cultural centers, public spaces, work spaces, are just as important in the development of a conscious city for the benefit of all its inhabitants. .


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