Yasuyuki Kitamura - House in Minohshinmachi: a simple home to feel rich
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House in Minohshinmachi: a simple home to feel rich

Yasuyuki Kitamura

House  /  Completed
Yasuyuki Kitamura
A house for a young couple, located in the northernmost new town of Minoh City, Osaka Prefecture. Even though the area around the planned site is blessed with a natural environment, there were many houses that were unchanged from the center of the city.

The client's couple sought a simple home where they could feel the rich natural environment in their daily lives in such a land. It faces the road on the south side of the site, residential land on the east and west sides, and the management road of the Satoyama Farm, which was established as a buffer zone for the sediment disaster warning zone on the north side. The green of Mt. Aogai, the northernmost point of Minoh, spreads out in the back. In such an environment, the boundary between the building and nature was obscured, and the aim was to create a quiet home that responds to the surrounding natural environment.

The building was a one-story building with a loose gabled roof whose volume was reduced so that it could be gently continuous with the surrounding landscape. Since the construction budget was extremely limited, the structural form was the conventional wooden construction method, all columns were 105 mm square, and all of them could be constructed with ordinary metal. in the longitudinal direction, and a single inside and outside climbing beam and Highly earthquake-resistant performance is ensured by using a simple left-right symmetrical frame structure with columns arranged at intervals of 1 pitch rafters with narrowed tips are used to reduce the construction period. We are trying to shorten it. Paired openings, light roofs and deep eaves expand the interior space, large toplights allow trees and the blue sky to penetrate, and nested rooms create an intermediate area that makes the interior and exterior of the building more vague. There is. The two pillars that were installed in the center of the large space as a building member with a small cross section gave the space a calming effect like a standing tree in the forest.

I think that it was not a method of cutting out nature as a landscape in a closed space, but rather a quiet residence as if there were daily life in the natural environment.

Site area: 210.10m2
Building area: 87.52m2
Building rate: 41.66%
Total floor area: 81.15m2
Floor-area ratio: 81.15m2
Main structure: Wooden frame
Video link: https://youtu.be/4hGfkJosLfo
External link 1 "design boom": https://bit.ly/3fNpQmq
External link 2 "Archdaily": https://bit.ly/3gyu7KR
Public link: https://yk-a.jp


 Minoh city
 Osaka, Japan
 Shuhei Kimura
 87.52 mq
 Yasuyuki Kitamura
 Yasuyuki Kitamura
 Takada Corporation
 Masashige Akeda


1989 Born in Kyoto, Japan
2012 BFA in Architecture - Osaka University of Arts. Osaka, Japan
2012 - Interior design office
2019 - YASUYUKI KITAMURA Establishment

Asia Design Prize 2021 - GRAND PRIZE / Korea
GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2020 - Winner / Japan
Sanwacompany DESIGN AWARD 2020 - Best New Talent Award / Japan
Architecture MasterPrize 2020 -Winner / America
Interior Coordination Contest 2020- Category Excellence Award / Japan
28TH Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards 2020 - Honorable Mention / Hong Kong
LOOP Design Awards 2020 - Honorable Mention / Global
35th World Architecture Community Awards - Honorary Members Award & Members award / America


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