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BeHygeia, a beauty salon in Shangai with an elegant and stylish atmosphere

Lycent Lai

Hospitality  /  Completed
Lycent Lai
The designer of this project inspired by grape to design the layout of the irregular space, using the curved wall and geometry to show the gently beautiful feminine curves. At the very beginning of the design process, the designer mainly aimed at getting rid of the concept of traditional beauty salons and creating a beauty salon that integrates avant-garde, fashion and creative consumption.
The planning of the structure and circulation in this case was based on the sense of experience. Consumers can feel exalted with the open, transparent, semi-transparent and private space. Light and scenery are the most precious background from nature against the design, as they are the fusion of aesthetics and function, and the balance between sensibility and rationality.
Looking at the arc outside, people will have the visual experience of grace and beauty, while they will have the centripetal force, looking at it inside. What the distinctive arc adds to the space is not only a sense of interest and beauty, but also uniqueness and vitality.
The oncoming streamlined subsumption entrance caters to the flow of people in the mall aisles, so it can accept customers better. The corridor is simple with a large expanse of empty space. The pure hue creates faint layers, creating a volume and then letting light and shadow deconstruct the volume.
In the almost pure white public space, the curvilinear layout brings out the gorgeous sense of ceremony. With combination of virtuality and reality formed by the interlaced lights and shadows from the scattered lights, as if time becomes slow, people can calm down and have a dialogue between their own bodies and souls.
The bold blue and green in the lamps and niches echo the colors of the internal public areas, forming an effect of connecting the inside and outside. The metal baseboard makes the space more modern and avant-garde, to further enhance the quality feeling of the space.
The beauty of the curve, the beauty lies in the curve.
People will have a strong sense of dynamics and color, as soon as the large area of dark blue and green winding aisle come into view. Contrasting with the pure white space of the external public area, it can directly bring people into an immersive experience, with the stability added by the wooden door panels to the space.
The mirror-face stainless steel corrugated plate has coupled hardness with softness. The sparkling ripples naturally transitions between the gold of the door cover and the blue reflected by the strong color of the wall, with a sense of noble and elegant fashion. The light deepens the sense of hierarchy in the space by reflecting the changes in depth.
The curved structure of the space is further highlighted by the ground light strips arranged around the structure and the hidden light strips on the ceiling, in order to strongly render the atmosphere of the space.
An elliptical column display grid in the middle of the corridor becomes a visual focus of the long aisle, giving the space a focus and layering.
The simple linear continues in VIP rooms. The spatial layout is exquisite but not exaggerated. The designer modifies the space with lines, and creates a hierarchical art space with the help of the collision of metal elements and fashionable colors.
Customers can feel secure and private in the independent and closed circular VIP rooms, so that they can enjoy a pleasant and relaxing private service experience.
Here is attractive as the customers can to a great extent alleviate their exhaustion after work all day long, with the help of the soft and warm colors, comfortable and pleasant environment. They can feel relaxing with the beauty and stylish life experience in such a comfortable environment.
With the free blending of colors, the space is full of the modern, elegant and stylish atmosphere.


 288 mq
 Lycent Lai
 Jianing Zhang


Lycent Lai is a senior interior designer with more than ten years of experience, dedicated to providing overall delivery solutions for interior design. His business areas include high-quality residential, office display, Hotel clubs, urban renewal and other aspects. Focusing on interior design for more than 10 years, he has led many large-scale and high-complexity design projects, and won the unanimous praise of the industry with professional ability and rigorous attitude.


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