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Daily Center in Nembro (Bergamo): interconnected and cohesive with the territory

Studio Capitanio Architetti, DBmLab

Health  /  Completed
Studio Capitanio Architetti, DBmLab
The new complex, which revisits the existing 4000 sqm adding 2000 sqm of new-build, develops from the existing RSA (assisted residential care building) along an open space that encompasses the sixteenth century San Nicola church, the parish house and then turning towards the historic Via Ronchetti.
The design takes advantage of the difference in level between the garden of the RSA and the pedestrian walkway bordering Via Oriolo and Via dei Frati to the north. This allows to manage the built volume so that it is pushed against the garden at the back thus allowing both levels of the building to enjoy the park at the front: ground floor facing south, first floor facing north.
The built volume exploits the marked difference in level in the existing garden to hide its actual size concealing part of the north facade. The staggered overlapping of the levels of construction creates covered porticos on the ground floor and roof terraces on the first, essential for the outdoors activities of the day centre service users and to protect from the sun in the summer.
The facades are finished in variable-section, glazed-terracotta elements creating a dialogue in colour and material with the traditional river cobblestone finish of the church of San Nicola.
The aim of the composition of the internal spaces is to offer an environment that on the one hand guarantees maximum efficiency in the routes and connections between the different functions, and on the other provides a high level of comfort in the living spaces for all the service users. This feature is guaranteed by the ample, linear corridor and the communal spaces that create a continuous route throughout the building. The building itself includes the multi service day centre catering for 30 service users, an out-patient system with gyms and therapy cubicles and office space for the home care services.
This project deals with the construction of dwellings for the older bracket of the population, facing new essential needs. It is responding to changing demands, longer life expectancy and the consequent level of quality of life that can and needs to be enjoyed by the elderly.
Considering the general changes in our lifestyle, the rapid increase in life expectancy and the insurgence of new needs, this facility is set in a context where attention to structures destined to cater for this vulnerability is fundamental.
The rigorous correspondence between health programme and distribution project characterises the design choices. Interaction between the spaces is ensured by technical and construction choices that can guarantee both high flexibility and adherence to the evolving medical technology and its ever changing spatial needs.
"The new social and behavioural models at the basis of the project can be identified in the close relationship between technological innovation and daily life, making us, the project designers, face new scenarios. To these scenarios we reply with the construction of an architectural form which is interconnected and cohesive with local dynamics and at the same time highly contemporary" Remo Capitanio.


 Fondazione RSA di Nembro Onlus
 6.000 mq
 Remo Capitanio – Studio Capitanio Architetti , Joi Donati e Alice Bottelli – DBmLab
 Collaborators: Martina Brambati, Ilaria Ambrosini, Elia Giampellegrini, Marco Poma
 Impresa EdilTre
 Mep: Enrico Zambonelli – MCZ ingeneria srl, Structures: Sebastiano Moioli, Health and safety: Luigi e Marzia Rondi – Studio Rondi
 MEP Builder: Errebi Impianti, Idroterm Romele - Windows sistems: Falegnameria Cuni, Metra - Outdoor pavements: L’altra Pietra ,Granulati Zandobbio - Ceramic facade: Alphaton Moeding - Green works: Florovivaistica Picinali -Green roof: Rasenfix
 Stefano Tacchinardi


Based in Bergamo, Studio Capitanio Architetti deals mainly with urban architecture and design at all levels, investigating languages and methodologies in search of the quality of contemporary living spaces.
Always alert to the changes in the local community and environment, this studio demonstrates a strong, sensitive awareness of the context, functionality and compositional philosophy.
Attention to the environmental, social and construction dimensions is embedded in the studio’s activities through a planned process of design and construction control.
The project design is entrusted to the use of few, selected materials, clean lines and local references in the quest for quality, timeless architecture.



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