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Terra Membrane, nurturing the connection with the earth and plants

PROARH/Davor Matekovic

Education  /  Completed
PROARH/Davor Matekovic
The branch facility of the Drniš kindergarten is a functional miniature of the kindergarten and nursery complex. The ground floor building contains only two educational units - one nursery and one kindergarten, but also all the associated spaces and zones that allow the functioning of the building as an independent one ( kitchen, utility, offices...).

The location in the central part of Drinovac, a small village with less than 200 inhabitants, required a careful approach to the intervention in the loose tissue of this rural settlement. The wider location without identity and recognizable character, draws attention to the plot itself ( irregular plot shape /olive grove) and requires a clear gesture in expression, as a new direction in the identity of the village.
The triangular plot shape is an ungrateful template for a functional layout, but with the idea of preserving olives on the plot, the idea of an irregular, fluid-shape is formed, which maximally follows the shape of the plot and position of the olive trees, with atriums formed around existing olive trees. These trees remain present, not only around the building, but also through its tissue, emphasizing the idea of permeation of the natural and man-made.

Through the irregular, organic form, the usable space is maximized and the rooms are oriented towards the atriums, giving the them an active role in everyday use. These shaded atriums provide quality lighting and protection from overheating in the summer months and enable a quality outdoor space even during the hottest days.
Bearing elements are concrete, allowing easier construction of the flowing building shape.

The concept of preserving the existing olive grove and nurturing the connection with the earth and plants is further accentuated through the choice of the materials and colours. The façade elements are made of terracotta/clay vertical elements , with its natural tones– Terra membrane. The interior also follows these colour palettes, with a hallway storyline of river Krka and its fauna in more expressive, vivid colours.
The facade is ventilated and consists of vertical clay elements. The façade membrane is dematerialized through the alternation of the vertical elements with in-between voids. The fluidity of the form and flowing rhythm is emphasized with gradient colour changes of the vertical elements in natural earthy/clay hues, from light to dark orange hues.


 Town of Drniš
 525.0 mq
 Davor Matekovic
 Maja Horvat, Ivor Pučar
 Damir Fabijanic, Miljenko Bernfest


Proarh is an architectural office founded in 1992 with its headquarters in Zagreb. Under the management of its founder and principal architect Davor Matekovic, the firm has evolved into a multidisciplinary workshop, creating different projects of various functions, typologies, as well as programmatic and spatial dimensions.


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