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Crowne Plaza Shanghai Hongqiao, showing the power of Chinese modern art


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HONGQIAO SHANGHAI KINGDOM CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL ART CENTER is located in the core plate of the Great Hongqiao, and serves as a window for the linkage between the Yangtze River Delta and the world. With its unique location, advanced planning and design, and the infrastructure construction of urban complex, Hongqiao Business District has become an important area for realizing the international trade center of Shanghai.

The entrance design of the art gallery breaks away from the traditional mode of architectural planning. The transparent and pure glass facade captures the changes of light and shadow from dawn to dusk every day, and presents a modern sculptural entrance under different time frames. The transparent curved surface ensures the integrity of the interior space and continues the transition from the interior to the natural environment. From a distance, there is no redundant structure to block the line of sight. The designer relies on the vitality and emotion endowed by the city and the land, in an "unconventional" form, to show people the new vision of art and the power of Chinese modern art.

HWCD is responsible for the interior design of the museum. Starting from the concept of people's five senses, it explores the artistic feelings in daily life in the study of architecture, regional humanities and space. The designer believes that art can stimulate people's infinite reverie and break the conventional thinking framework.

The spatial plan extends downward in conformity with the shape of the building, and the streamlined momentum echoes the background inspiration of the surrounding urban space culture. The dynamic curvature forms a free line of observation, guiding people to perceive the space deeply. The open space structure of the gallery display area ensures the interaction between visitors and the artwork, and also narrates the energy of art through the interlaced blocks.

As the pace goes by, the dynamic vision of natural light collides with space fusion through the refraction of the glass, making the viewer feel as if they are in Mr. Chen Yifei's paintings, the light and shadow are soft and quiet. The internal hierarchical structure continues the concept of the overall building, and the cascading orderly contains the charm of modern art. The built-in light strip is like adding a layer of natural soft focus filter to the space, thus opening the chapter of artistic "rebirth". The gallery exhibition hall uses light-transmitting soft film and a large area of white paving. The light gently holds up each painting and artwork from a carefully calculated angle, prompting the viewer to explore the art works through visual, auditory, and tactile perception traces Philosophy.


 2871 mq
 Lin Hongjun, Liu Zimo


HWCD Associates is an international integrated design firm specializing in planning, architecture, interior and landscape design for residential, office, commercial complex and public facilities. HWCD Associates has been working hard to deliver the design quality of international architecture to the Chinese market.


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