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art spotlight, break out the usual exhibition spaces and bring art to the people

Bergmeisterwolf Architekten

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Bergmeisterwolf Architekten
curated by karin pernegger for the stadt galerie brixen on behalf of the südtiroler künstlerbund for the municipality of brixen. the art spotlights are exhibition spaces, in the form of a mobile showcases, which convey the character of a miniature art presentation at 3 central locations in the old town of brixen. the aim is to break out the usual exhibition spaces and bring art to the people by embedding it, like small chambers of wonder, in the urban context. the mobile construction consists of a base and a glass and steel structure, the so-called ``art spotlight´´. the artwork itself is located inside the extended and illuminated art spotlight. the work itself becomes a reflector, projecting itself onto the urban environment and its people like a beam of light.
the art spotlight is a mobile showcase, commissioned by the künstlerbund and commissioned by curator karin pernegger. this structure, conceived for outdoor use and consisting of a base and an element of coloured glass and steel, illuminates the exhibited object and projects it towards the people observing it.
the aim is to rethink traditional exhibition spaces by bringing art out of closed spaces and into the urban context.
Specifically, the aim is to provide a response to the environmental and social changes of our time, an alternative to the classic museum narrative and different possibilities for relating to the work.
the spotlight brings art to the people by giving a voice to young artists who have gone through a period of silence in 2020 as a result of the restrictions caused by the global pandemic.
it is an element with a strong symbolic meaning: the exhibitor represents a lighthouse that brings light and promotes culture again in the city centre.
we have chosen three locations in the historic centre of brixen where the art spotlight will be placed, locations which vary and which convey different contents. for the first exhibition in the city we have chosen 10 artists, international and not.
the first to exhibit is the sculptor peter senoner who was born in 1970 in Bolzano (Italy), where he lives and works. he studied at the akademie der bildenden künste in munich until 2001. he has been artist in residence in new york (1997–2000), tokyo (2002 and 2004), vienna (2006), berlin (2012) and detroit (2016) and he took part at many exhibitions all over the world. he has produced works for numerous public spaces, including the roundabout at the autostrada entrance at klausen (2009), the isar clinic in munich (2010) and the pharmacy museum in brixen (2006).


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bergmeisterwolf architekten was founded by gerd bergmeister and michaela wolf.
gerd bergmeister studied at iuav in venice and at leopold franzens universität in innsbruck. michaela wolf studied at leopold franzens universität in innsbruck, at politecnico di milano and at the architectural association in london. since 2017 she has been teaching design at rosenheim university of applied sciences in germany.
based in bressanone, bergmeisterwolf architekten produces and realises projects in italy and abroad. since 2010 they have also been passionately involved in the development of new hotel concepts and spaces.
bergmeisterwolf architekten has participated in numerous exhibitions, conferences, national and international juries. the studio's awards include various publications in magazines and books, but above all national and international awards.

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