MAB Arquitectura - A conservative restoration that makes Capofaro Locanda & Malvasia safe and available again
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A conservative restoration that makes Capofaro Locanda & Malvasia safe and available again

MAB Arquitectura

Renovation  /  Completed
MAB Arquitectura
“Capofaro Lighthouse” on the Eolian Salina Island, is the northern lighthouse of Sicily since XIX century.
The project aimed to renovate the original architecture of the historic building throughout a conservative restoration.
An important structural reinforcement and a particular conservation of materials were studied in order to make this ancient building safe and available again.

The building is surrounded by a natural landscape of great interest, between a high cliff overlooking the sea and a wide Malvasia vineyard, the typical Salina wine variety.
The whole complex is known as “Capofaro Locanda & Malvasia”, a scenic and luxurious location for tourism on the Island.

It was the house of the Lighthouse Keepers; The main building, with the accommodations for the guardians, was originally linked to the lighthouse tower, located in the middle part of the complex.
Then the lighthouse was moved, and an independent structure was built as we can still see nowadays; the lighthouse is now made by a tower and a still functioning lantern above.
The complex finally includes some tiny structures: the old wood oven house and two stores; all these have been restored.
Today six suites were designed for a sophisticated hospitality; they are all composed by hall, living-room, bathroom and bedroom, and each of them has its personal outdoor space, completely enveloped in a Mediterranean garden as an integral part of the overall natural environment.

A particular attention was dedicated to the landscape design of a botanical museum, where it is possible to live a sensory experience among Mediterranean trees and herbs; at the same time, the project ensures the right privacy of the suites’ outdoor gardens.
The six exclusive suites embody the traditional Eolian style, through simple and elegant interiors, natural materials, sober furniture.
A particular attention was given to pavement materials and wall coverings, using custom-designed craft cement tiles, and natural resins. Even the wood furniture were all custom-designed, and produced by local craftsmen.
Equipped walls characterize the inner spaces; they were designed with alcoves and cavities, integrated with the rooms shape and atmosphere, were sofas and beds are built-in.
The resort complex is completed by the Micro-Museum of Navy and Malvasia. Inside one of the original stores, a video exhibition tells about Salina historical and artistic heritage, linked with Malvasia wine production and the development of Navy activity linked to the Lighthouse.


 Isola di Salina
 Capofaro srl
 360 mq
 Floriana Marotta, Massimo Basile
 MAB arquitectura
 Di Pane Costruzioni
 Concept and preliminary design / Studio Terranova, Site construction management / Antonio Podetti, Museum Exhibition / Studio Forward
 Alberto Moncada


MAB arquitectura is an architectural firm founded in 2004 by Floriana Marotta and Massimo Basile and based in Milan.The approach of the office is based on a site-specific architecture with strong identity. MAB develops urban master-plans, public space design, redevelopment proposals for brownfield regeneration. At the architectural scale MAB works on residential buildings and facilities design. Among the most relevant works: the Housing complex and public park in Via Gallarate-Milan, The Patronage Laïque-Cultural Centre and temporary housing in Paris, the restoration of the lighthouse at Capofaro Locanda&Malvasia Resort, the urban regeneration project REDO in via Merezzate and via Moneta in Milan. Among ongoing projects there are the Masterplan for the new smart district Milano4You in Segrate, the extension of an existing winery, Tasca’s Winery at Etna, the brownfield renovation of an industrial site in Settimo Milanese, the Parish Multipurpose Center in Reggiolo - Reggio Emilia.


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