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ONE X: reshape space, light and shadow in an original way

ARCHETYPE Design Organization

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ARCHETYPE Design Organization
Spiritual abundance does not mean material impoverishment. In the interaction between people and space, it delivers an ideal office experience: sincerity and respect for each other. The original building refers to the inclination to the scale and layout of the residence, rather than the traditional office building. In such a building form, to satisfy various office needs, we need to reshape the space. We don't just design an office, but to form a space where you can work, communicate and relax. We reshape the light and shadow through the re-planning of natural light, shadow and details so as to further reshape the space itself so that the soul can belong. At the same time, beauty is also a kind of conscious joy, accompanied by freedom of imagination and understanding. The light beam on the top surface penetrates from the center of the building and the light from both sides of the building penetrates the concrete bricks and enters the space restrainedly. It is an attempt to change the state of mind. Ordinary grids can easily form a "self-isolation" working state, and we try to reshape and create a more suitable work state by reversing the original space order and crossing the relaxation and comfort of the "big family", reshaping and making a more appropriate "Neighborhood." Therefore,the spatial attributes are misplaced, allowing the warms to penetrate and subvert the rigid and indifferent work routine. We retain most part of the original concrete structure, add rough textural paint, and the Cor-ten Steel that changes with time. As time passes,  the changes of material are preserved. As a technology company, we provide equipment and furniture that people can use directly in an exquisite and convenient way. Science and technology are people-oriented, and so should space. The material, shape, and light of the space are seemed to be "exaggerated". In fact, the mix of these materials and the introduction of light are all "introverted". We expect that people who come here will be moved by the space "instantly", and that people who work here will perceive the "eternal" tranquility every day. When you step into space, you can tell that this is an office at a glance, but when you observe it after a while, it seems to be more than an office. Entering the details of time, we are looking for something certain in the disordered and unknown life. With curiosity and exploration of the unknown, we use a rich and diverse design language to liberate clearly defined spaces. From the field of beauty, the dimension of spirituality is generated so as to achieve freedom and openness in the true sense. Work occupies one-third of people's day, and the state of work determines the state of people's lives. Office space is not only for working but also a place of life for eight hours a day.


 912 mq
 Louis Liao
 Jessie Jing, Vivid Fan, Rise Li, Lemon Deng
 Furniture: VAN DER ROHE
 Here Space


ARCHETYPE was founded in Chengdu, China in 2014. It takes a high standard of project product delivery as an important standard for designers. Archetype is committed to presenting commercial works of art in the multi-dimensional combination of location, brand, operation, space, customer experience, and perception. To provide international architectural, interior, graphic, and product design services. As a professional design agency, its works have won international authoritative awards and media recognition. With an international design team, Archetype has become one of the domestic design institutions with high quality and quality control, which pursues the ultimate professional attitude.


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