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Moneta Milano - social housing, co-living flats and real estate apartments

MAB Arquitectura

Housing  /  Completed
MAB Arquitectura
The Social Housing Complex “MONETA” is located in Affori district, in the northern part of Milan and it is constituted by 310 apartments, a co-living building and common facilities.

The project is a car-free project extended on a plot 11.000 sqm and it is characterized by a particular focus on the public space and a strong pedestrian permeability between the street and Villa Litta park.

The complex consists of both social housing flats and real estate apartments. The huge density of 21.000 sqm of GFA is managed with four tower-buildings of 14 flats, placed in order to reduce vis-a-vis, and two buildings in line.

The main square is the central hub of the social life and it aims to make stronger the relationship between this new urban complex and the public park of Villa Litta.

The main common facilities are the Co-Living building and Multi-purpose room, both closely located to the square, where there are also a playground and attractive urban furnitures between green areas.
This public space is dedicated to all the age groups: kids, teens, seniors, with a different study of public furniture, most of them custom designed.

The buildings were designed with a specific focus on the typological research, in order to satisfy the requests of the contemporary housing and in order to be changeable according to different needs.

The social housing complex is constituted by 89 real estate apartments, and 221 apartments for rent; all the apartments have wide loggias, with a private personal outdoor space.

Co-Living is an innovative and alternative living-concept supported by common services: common kitchen, living room, lunchroom, laundry, storage spaces etc.
Co-Living is dedicated not only to students but also to young workers, single people, and separated parents.

This housing complex is one of the first urban projects where Progetto 10.000 is applied, thanks to a research sponsored by CDP investimenti, REDO sgr Spa Società Benefit and Fondazione Hosuing Sociale; MAB arquitectura and Beretta associati won the context for Progetto 10.000 focusing on an optimization and flexibility of the typological studies about accommodations.

The project is focused on four key-words:
1)The attention for community, as an essential element of Social Housing, where the focus is all about the common spaces and facilities.
2)The typological studies about accommodations, for an optimization of spaces, typological flexibility, and interiors flexibility.
3)The financial sustainability of the complex, throughout cost-control analysis for structural and technical strategies and architectural choices.
4)The Innovation, thanks to smart technologies and a strong attention for the environment, in order to reach the class A and the control of power consumption.


 Milano, via Moneta
 REDO Sgr Spa Società Benefit
 21.015 mq
 Floriana Marotta, Massimo Basile, Gianmaria Beretta, Roberto Beretta
 MAB arquitectura + Beretta associati + Mpartner
 Borio Mangiarotti SpA e Botta SpA
 Andrea Martiradonna


MAB arquitectura is an architectural firm founded in 2004 by Floriana Marotta and Massimo Basile and based in Milan.The approach of the office is based on a site-specific architecture with strong identity. MAB develops urban master-plans, public space design, redevelopment proposals for brownfield regeneration. At the architectural scale MAB works on residential buildings and facilities design. Among the most relevant works: the Housing complex and public park in Via Gallarate-Milan, The Patronage Laïque-Cultural Centre and temporary housing in Paris, the restoration of the lighthouse at Capofaro Locanda&Malvasia Resort, the urban regeneration project REDO in via Merezzate and via Moneta in Milan. Among ongoing projects there are the Masterplan for the new smart district Milano4You in Segrate, the extension of an existing winery, Tasca’s Winery at Etna, the brownfield renovation of an industrial site in Settimo Milanese, the Parish Multipurpose Center in Reggiolo - Reggio Emilia.

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