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Health Centre in Padova: a chessboard made of corten and glass

Tecnostudio - Arch Danilo Turato

Health  /  Future
Tecnostudio - Arch Danilo Turato
The urban redevelopment project includes the demolition of an existing building and the realization of a highly characterized new one, with health related purposes; the edifice is currently under construction in Mestrino - Padua, via Marco Polo 107, a town with a population of about 12.000 people.
The new building fits into a rapidly evolving urban area, it is distinctive and recognizable in the surrounding context as landmark intended for health and personal care activities: it provides a strong personality to the built-up area facing a main suburban road network.
The design consist of an underground floor made of utility rooms with a mechanized warehouse and parking lots, and four levels above ground; the ground floor is going to house a pharmacy and its complementary activities; clinical rooms dedicated to diagnostics and specialist medicine will take place on the upper floors.
The design idea wanted to define the new construction as the promoter of renovation of the whole surrounding building block. The shape of the building was developed geometrically according to a grid that generates a modular alternation between solids and voids on the façade, where transparency and permeability meet opacity and privacy according to the needs and the different purposes of the various rooms.
The corten covering is perceived as linearly subtracted thanks to the use of windows and terraces that play with the visible and imperceptible. The vertical vegetation completes the rhythm of the façade, transcending the floors and the geometries with the aim of naturally breaking the general symmetry, meanwhile increasing the thermal insulation and the shielding performance of the building, improving and promoting the well-being of the users.
Inside comfort is guaranteed by the use of high-performance materials, with specific attention to the masonry and roofing construction layers. The windows are equipped with thermal break insulated glass and the frames have a bronze finish that enhances and illuminates the large openings.
All the systems necessary for air exchange and conditioning meet the European requirements for energy saving and sustainability, a solar system and photovoltaic panels for the production of electricity will be integrated with the roof.
Each space has been designed to create internal conditions that will guarantee psychophysical health and productivity for all users, with the aim of creating a tailor-made environment that can be functional and comfortable.


 Mestrino (PD)
 1500 mq
 Arch. Danilo Turato
 Arch. Diego Zanaica, Arch. Arianna Gobbo, Arch. Mattia Reggio


Tecnostudio s.r.l. is an engineering and architecture office; since 1978 it operates in Mestrino (Pd) following the Europeans’ standards. It is direct by Arch. Diego Zanaica and Arch. Arianna Gobbo, and composed by a rich technical staff.

The activities cover a wide range of fields, and are constantly evolving:
• Commercial / Directional / Housing: Countless buildings, including a shopping mall of 90.000m2 and a 16 floors resort hotel of 200 rooms;
• Residential: High-energy standards building, built with eco-friendly materials and green building;
• Production: innovative buildings for the advanced solutions of construction solutions and finishing;
• Public Works: several dozen works between school and university buildings, civic centres, multi-purpose rooms, outpatient clinics;
• Infrastructure / Planning / Environment: urban improvement action, implementing masterplan, environmental impact study, redevelopment projects and mitigation of green infrastructure.


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