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City Design Of The Economic Zone Of The Beijing Daxing International Airport

Walton Design & Consulting Engineering Co.

Urban Planning  /  Completed
Walton Design & Consulting Engineering Co.
The Beijing Daxing International Airport is located at the Beijing part of the Economic Zone of the Beijing Daxing Airport, occupies 50km2 land, is the second large-scale international hub airport in the Beijing city, and provides the new power for state development. It is the core heartland of the south of the Beijing City and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. Construction and operation of this airport will extremely promote integrated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and improve core competence of the Beijing as the global international city. It is the new country gate in the south of the Beijing City. This planning and city design started from 2015. It is always dedicated to balance between traditional Chinese culture and international trend elements and make great efforts to build a country gate image with Chinese characteristics and passionate embracing of the world.
Under guidance of this planning, this airport economic zone (Beijing Part) will be constructed as the global air tourism service center, international cultural exchange center, airport technology innovation center and regional collaboration and development center. It will integrate 10 industrial functions. This planning includes cultural demonstration, international exchange and international health as characteristic functions, provides airport logistics, commercial finance, conference exhibition, leisure and entertainment, technology R&D and living and residence as basic functions, and reserves type X industrial functions for further development in this region.
The space sign and image of the airport economic zone will be defined by the city core in the east built around the natural landscape. This “China Heart” region is composed of China Yicheng, international exhibition center, international exhibition center and central park, which respectively symbolizes “One Seal, One Jade, One Bamboo Slip and One Nature” and endows the city with the beautiful moral of “Credit, Harmony, Elegance and Preach”. It will become the core to drive big events under guidance of the new airport and the country gate with rich Chinese cultural core!
By centering Chinese heart, the international foreign exchange area is set up for the airport zone in the planning. It is a world ring in series full of vitality, efficiently connects the international headquarters area, livable communities and international communities in series via green ecological system, aggregates composite function, diversified population and innovative activities, and builds urban space with distinct characteristics.


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