Red view point - Santa Catarina-Zacatepec View Point, A Marginalized Place, A Privileged Place
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Santa Catarina-Zacatepec View Point, A Marginalized Place, A Privileged Place

Red view point

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Red view point
Brief Description of the Work

To Talk about Zacatepec as a marginalized place, of violence and irregular settlements; But we can also speak of Zacatepec as that privileged place capable of coexisting with an urban treasure: the Sierra de Santa Catarina Natural Protected Area.

This Area contains since October, a door to look at the landscape. That red viewpoint that emerges from the skin of nature, which invites us to cross the vast xerophilous thicket, but without disturbing it through our senses and thoughts demanding the right to the landscape.

The project is located to the south of Mexico City, in the Tlahuac city hall in front of the old garbage dumps of the city. It is part of the Sierra de Santa Catarina Socio-Environmental Rehabilitation Project and responds to the need for the revaluation, conservation and awareness of a natural space with particular characteristics.

The view point is a red steel structure elevated 8 meters high with a concrete foundation and masonry. The location had as its guiding axis the least possible impact, thus placing it in the area with the least vegetation cover and relocating those plant specimens that could be at risk during the work process.

Conceptually, view point is conceived as a red-sculptural point that stands out for its beautiful lines, oblivious to nature and the urban contour. Likewise, this architectural landscape space proposes a direct visual communication with the Cerro "El Elefante" and the volcanoes Iztlacíhuatl and Popocatépetl.

Poetically the project offers the opportunity to admire the Valley of Mexico again but also to look at the smoking gray city with its increasing voracity.

The viewpoint presents the opportunity for the Natural Protected Area to be a space in resistance. It becomes a place capable of linking the city with nature, causing us to imagine a new relationship of respect between an undisturbed area and the demanding need for human settlements.

Let us think that the Protected Natural Area is a space, a door to return to look at the landscape. That landscape that seems forgotten but that we must remember as the last thing we have left.

At the end of the day, the Zacatépetl view point is considered as a direct invitation to everyone's right, the right to the landscape. That right that gives equality to a person for the free enjoyment of their environment, regardless of condition or geographical location.

An element that radiates identity

Data information

Metal structure in the shape of a cube of 3.60 x 3.60 x 3.40 meters, made with I-beams and square steel profiles, which form a virtual space covered with a pergola for shade, and a 2.60 x 6.00-meter platform flown over the ravine.

Its foundation is formed by retaining walls with stepped, reinforced concrete footings, embedded in the gorge, and serves as the base for the 20 x 20 cm IPR columns that form 2 lateral frames joined by girders of square steel profiles that support the viewpoint floor and the observation deck.


 Mexico City CDMX
 45 mq
 Bruno Jarhani, Citlali Solares, Jorge Nuñez, Luis Aguilar, Ricardo Valdes
 Marina Robles García,Rafael Obregón Viloria, Maritza Hernández Solís
 Fabricio Suaste
 Ulises Escobar


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