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NEXXT Fastweb Headquarters, sustainable livability

Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel (ACPV)

Office&Business  /  Completed
Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel (ACPV)
Settling in the Symbiosis business district with its peculiar identity and establishing a unique set of relations with its context and the surrounding cityscape, the new Fastweb Headquarters stretches along an east-west orientation with an L-shaped plan, and an area of 21,500sqm. The main façade of the office building, facing north, is completely covered in reflective glass to maximize the building’s exposure to the surroundings, and to provide uninterrupted views of the urban context.

Conceived with ‘sustainable livability’ in mind, the headquarters project reinforces the ties between work and city, and the relationship between the role of a big company and the energies that its community can infuse in the environment. As a semi-public space, the ground floor of the office building is designed and equipped to offer unique modalities of use, such as the veranda below the building volume supported by the X-shaped reinforced concrete support structure. With a focus on environmental sustainability, the headquarters building has obtained a LEED Platinum certificate for its reduced CO2 emission levels and environmentally-friendly design.

Beyond its architectural details, the nature of the office building and the urban project is expressed in the fluid, continuous and strongly integrated elements of the buildings and the public spaces. Named after the renowned Italian industrialist and engineer, the Adriano Olivetti square in front of the headquarters building – in collaboration with the landscape architect Carlo Masera – alternates environmental conditions from forest-like elements and gardens to water surfaces. The square’s natural elements and green areas further contribute to the office building’s sustainable features within the development’s public realm.

The spatial planning of the new office building provides an organization and an infrastructure for the increasingly collaborative, mobile and flexible ways of working, tailoring spaces to the well-being and the multiplicity of needs of employees. In addition to the break areas and the more informal communal spaces within the building, the presence of the public spaces around the office complex creates new opportunities for social interaction and exchange. Re-emphasized and reflected by the glass façade of the Fastweb headquarters, these new areas for the community articulate a defining character for the development, leaving a mark in the entire area of the Symbiosis masterplan.


 21500 mq
 Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel
 Antonio Citterio, Patricia Viel, Mauro Novazzi (project director), Matteo Brambati, Massimiliano Calabrò, Carmine D’Amore, Giuseppe Garofalo (BIM Manager), Marco Giacomazzi, Filippo Rudelli; Francesca Carlino (partner in charge – interior design)
 Greenway Costruzioni
 Landscape design: Carlo Masera. Structural engineering: Milano Engineering. MEP engineering: Studio Planning. Façade engineering: Faces Engineering
 Facades: ISA
 Filippo Romano


Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel (ACPV) is an international and cross-disciplinary firm headquartered in Milan, Italy, founded by architects Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel.

Active since the Seventies, the firm is currently involved in many projects across the globe, embracing different scales of intervention – from master planning to mixed-use developments, to residential and commercial buildings, corporate headquarters, and hotels - in collaboration with a qualified network of specialist consultants.

The office counts on a staff of more than 100 people, coordinated by eight partners. Recent works include luxury hotels in Europe, China and the Middle East, NOVE - an office building in Munich (Germany)-, a residential condominium in Miami (U.S.A.), and Nexxt -Fastweb new HQ in Milan.

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