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Foxconn Shanghai Headquarters, the spirit of precision

Kris Yao | Artech

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Kris Yao | Artech
Shanghai Foxconn Headquarters is located in Shanghai’s Lujiazui district near the bank of Huangpu River, and has the view to the Bund (Puxi side).

KRIS YAO | ARTECH is the design Architect in this project. The design period of this project was 2013~2014, the construction period was from mid 2015~mid 2018. The project’s site area is approx. 10,100sqm, and the building gross floor area is approx. 83,100sqm. The building has total 21st floor and 4 basement floors. It is 95 meters in height, and is a steel structure building with reinforced concrete core.

It is a high-end office building which expresses the Client’s corporate spirit of precision. The ground floor is the office building lobby and the floor height is 8.6-meter. Enter into the lobby, a red feature wall anchor at the core space, a specious and elegant entry. Public function spaces are located on the lower zone of this building, including the 2nd floor multi-function room, design for exhibition and special event use; the meeting room zones located on the 3rd and 4th floor, and the restaurants placed on the 4th floor. Office spaces are located from 5th~21th floors, the typical floor height is 4.25meters. The floor plan has a central core layout, not only allows sufficient natural lighting to penetrate the interior spaces, but also provides great view to the river and of the city.

Various green architecture design methods, such as solar panels, geothermal heat pumps, rainwater collection, waste-water recycling, and other renewable energy measures are applied to create a smart and comfortable working environment. The building design had achieved the LEED Platinum. The building façade, which is expressed in V-shape pattern, is an external-ventilated double-skin curtain wall system. It is a passive double skin system where the air inlets and outlets are located within the façade stack joint. The cavity in-between the two skin houses mechanical louvers which will adjust as per sun angle, to help moderate the effect of the heat gain. The use of low-iron glass gives a crystal clear impression, and the high light transmittance property of the glass permits the maximum natural day light into the office. The V-shape façade takes a zigzag pattern on plan, and the angle was calculated in order for the angled façade from two sides to joint at the floor line. The precision of the design had successfully delivered.


 P.R. China
 Foxconn (Shanghai) Ltd.
 83100 mq
 Kris Yao
 Grace Lin, Vincent Chao, Fei-Chun Ying, Chu-Yi Hsu, Nai-Wen Cheng, Hsiung-Chun Yu, David Hsu, Lei Yeh, Ching-Fang Yang, Tu Lu, Ya-Le Huang, Yen-Ting Wu, Rui-Si Zhang, Jason Yang, Chen-Yu Tsai, Chia-Chen Wu
 China Construction First Building(Group) Corporation Limited
 Meinhardt (Shanghai) Ltd., I. S. LIN and Associates, CNHW Planning and Design Consultants, Chroma 33 Architectural Lighting Design
 Kris Provoost, Shawn Liu Studio, Fei-Chun Ying


KRIS YAO | ARTECH is an Asia-based architectural firm comprised of more than 160 professionals with offices in Taipei and Shanghai. Kris Yao, Hon. FAIA, established the firm in Taipei in 1985. The firm is hailed as one of the best professional practices in Taiwan as well as the most internationally renowned Taiwanese firm. The firm’s projects are mainly located in the Greater China area, but are also found in the United States, Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific regions. The firm’s portfolio demonstrates years of practice in commercial, hospitality, cultural/educational, transportation, performing centers, residential, spiritual, and urban design.

KRIS YAO | ARTECH’s design philosophy strives to achieve excellence in design, by respecting and incorporating the needs of the clients and functionality, finding ways to employ innovative yet appropriate technologies to create architectural spaces that integrates a sense of scale and place, the cultural context, and spirituality.


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